Chapter 1

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"Guys wait up!" Rose yelled, her little feet running as fast as they can to catch up with her 8 year old brother Lucas and his best friend Dimitri. She didn't like it when they ran ahead of her, she was 6 years old after all. "Rose, I told you stay home because we are going swimming" Lucas said annoyed of his little sister following him around. When she finally reach the boys she was out of breath. "last time I checked mom said I can tag along" she huffed. Lucas glared at his sister, Don't get him wrong he loves his baby sister but their are times where he wished he can just get away from her... like right now. Before Lucas can continue arguing with his sister Dimitri speaks up " Sure, you can tag along Rose" he said smiling at the sweet little girl. She was so adorable with her white dress and her long black curls down her face and her green eyes begging them to let her stay. He Just couldn't say no to her, besides that he didn't mind her tagging along with them. He always had a soft spot for her, an annoyed Lucas and a very happy Rose look his way.

She ran up to Dimitri and hugged him. She was happy that he said yes "Thank you, I pinky promise I will behave" she sticks her pinky out for him to take. He smiled at her, it was kinda their thing to pinky promise and they never broke pinky promises. He wrap his pinky around her small one sealing the promise. Lucas groans "fine, but it's not like you can swim anyways so way come?" he asks. Her smile fades away and Lucas instantly regrets it, he doesn't like it when his sister is sad especially when he makes her sad. It wasn't her fault she didn't know how to swim. She was slowly learning, but her father has been busy this past few weeks that he hasn't had time to keep teaching her. Which sucked because he was the only person she really trusted to teach her. " I won't go into the water I will just color, see I have my book and color pencils here" she Says showing her brother inside her bag. "alright then, nomas portate bien (just behave)" he says and she quickly nods.

The three children continue their way to the waterfall. During the way Rose hums a small lullaby that her mother taught her and walks while looking around her surroundings. While Lucas and Dimitri talked about Dimitri's 9th Birthday in two weeks. Dimitri was hardly paying attention to his best friend because he was always glancing at the small green eye girl in front of him every 5 minutes. Making sure she was okay and she didn't get hurt. There was no doubt she had him wrap around her little finger and to think at such a small age. After a few minutes of walking the three of them ran the rest of the way to the waterfall. When they finally arrived to their destination the boys could hardly wait to get into the warm water and swim their time away. Rose couldn't help envy the boys. She always wanted to swim but couldn't. "Hey Rose weren't you supposed to have dance practice with mom today?" Lucas ask. Just hearing the word dance brings a smile to Rose's face she loved and lived to dance "yes, but mom said later on today" she answered.

Rose and Lucas mother Lucia Rodriguez was a dance teacher and Rose is like her mother in every way. She has her long thick black hair and long eyelashes with big eyes and pink lips, She's kind, stubborn, lovable, and always smiling. Only difference is that Rose has greens eyes like her father instead of light Brown eyes like her mother. Now Lucas is a different story, he is exactly like his father Nicholas De León a Mafia king of the "Los Reyes Del Diablo". He has his black hair, he is hot head, short temper and doesn't take no for answers. However he has his mother's light Brown eyes not his father's green eyes. Now Dimitri Ian Edwards is the son of Matthew and Carrie Edwards. Nicholas and Matthew have been friends for a very long time as well as Lucia and Carrie the four met each other in the summer in California. However that's a story for another time. When Dimitri and Lucas finally were in their boxers they jump in the water. While the boys spent time in the water Swimming their time away Rose headed for the little cliff that was near and right above the water. She was terrified of heights but the view was totally worth it, you can see everything from the cliff. She sat down near the edge and started taking her color pencils and her coloring book and colored her time away. After a 1 hour she is finished with at least three drawings. She couldn't wait until she showed her parents. She didn't color over the line and that was a huge achievement in her book. She went to grab her color pencils but accidentally tip the box making the pencils roll "Shoot!" she tries and reaches for the colors so they didn't roll off the cliff.

However Rose didn't notice she was close enough to the edge, she misplaced her hand causing her to lose her balance making her fall of the cliff and into the water. A loud piercing scream escaped her lips and hit the water with a loud splash. Everything happen so quick and she started to panic. She was struggling to get above water when she did she gasp for air "HELP!" she yelled before her body sinked into the water she could hear her brother and Dimitri yell her name. She tried surfacing above water again but she couldn't she was losing her energy slowly from struggle to much. Her lungs burning from lack of oxygen begging her to breath in air. Slowly her green eyes started to close until darkness consumed her.

👑*Authors Note*👑

Alright so hey guys, so I just wanted to say that this is my first book. I'm not good with Grammar I'm already warning y'all now, however I will fix any mistakes. Also this is my book and my book only please be respectful and not copy or write story's very similar to mine. It's fun writing a book yet very hard work and I wouldn't like work similar to mine to be getting credit somewhere else. Besides that I really think that you will enjoy this book and I will try to make this book awesome experience for y'all to read. Thanks💖.

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