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Word count: 1400+

Important a/n at the end.

I fucking fucked up big time. I wanted to yell at myself for being such a shitty person. Who was I to point out that Liam hadn't been there for me - he had, to hell and back. All my words had been useless, they did no good, it was simply a way to get rid of the built up anger. And the outcome was pleasurable, but full of regret - at the same time; it wasn't. 

 I suppose you could say our conversation ended oddly, we went from screaming at each other to not being direct, to crying. Now I lay here, my arms around him and the sound of him sleeping making me cry inside. I wanted it too much, all too much. 

"We shouldn't be doing this," I whispered and let his lips touch my neck with more fire than ever before. 

 "I know, but it's been so long," he said back, and that as the end of that conversation. It was all taken over by our inhuman noises and forgotten not long after his fingers were playing with my boxers. 

There's no need to tell me how fucked up I am. I know how easily Liam gets to me and how I could've just forced his lips off of mine, but it was mind-blowing; every touch, every sound, every feeling. Better than the first time, even. 

 He moved in my arms a bit - shifted, rather. I let him fit his arms around my torso, it was the last thing I could do after letting him go through with his decision yesterday. He was vulnerable and I took advantage of it, even if it was him that jumped me with the urge to do it all over again.

 I don't really remember what we ever argued about. Everything was cornered and blurry; mixed with the images of him being a mess under my touch. 

"Shit, oh, god. Yes, right there, Harry," he moaned out loudly. 

 I shook my head and closed my eyes for a moment. Get a grip, Harry. It was probably just a one time thing, didn't mean anything. The I love you's that we exchanged during our pleasure was nothing, right? Right?

 The phone on my nightstand went off and it almost made the sleeping beauty in my hold wake up. 

 "Fuck," I silently cussed and fiddled with the phone to finally get a grip of its edges. "Yeah, hello," I said when I finally could answer. 

 "Liam?" A questioning voice trembled. "You sound weird, mate. Is everything alright?" Shit. I forced the phone away from my ear and saw the name 'Niall' on the screen. 

 "Yeah, 'm fine. Hold on a sec," I said, talking like Liam the best I could.

 Panicking; I started shaking Liam lightly. That only made him mumbled a little and hold onto me tighter, so I shook him more and more until he finally started opening his eyes. Brown, tired and a bit puffy I would describe them. 

 It took him a few seconds before taking in where he was and suddenly he sat right up. The covers slipped down to his waist and almost further for me as he exposed his bare back. I was quick to pull the covers up higher to cover myself up a bit. 

 "Niall's on the phone," I whispered to him and guided his phone into the palm of his hand. 

 "Oh," he answered shortly and pressed it to his ear. "Hi, Ni." 

 Suddenly he was getting out of bed and starting the hunt for his underwear. I could see them lying on the floor by my side of the bed and I quickly dived down to attempt on grabbing them. The soft material of the Calvin Klein's made me remember my fingertips linking with the hem.

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