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All I wanted Was to jump right there. I had no family I thought no one loved me. "Someone help me." At night I dreamt of my life going for the worst I was an old man in a nursing home playing checkers with someone who wasn't there I was hitting on nurses as they.walked by I turned to look at myself and said, "look what you did to us, you should have jumped!" I went back to playing chess I woke up it was 6:00 am. I got dressed put my daggers in there holsters and went to class I knew I was a hour and forty five minutes early but I didn't care I walked to class and sat at my desk kids started pouring in early for announcements I stared blankly at the board waiting for class to end. I saw Selena at lunch talking to someone and started walking over till I saw who it was she was talking to. it was that Niflheim girl from the roof. I decided I wasn't hungry and left. I skipped the rest of my classes which I found out was a bad idea they sent everyone looking for me. I went to the spot I knew I wouldn't be found the crevasse in the base of the stadium where I saw a duel for my own eyes. I heard teachers and students running around and checking the bleachers, once everyone left I crawled out from where I was hiding and started to dust myself off. "Brandon?" I heard a voice say, "I found you!" Selena tackled me the white haired girl was behind her.. I got up and bowed lady Niflheim. "Stop calling me that call me Zaria!" I looked at her surprised, "can the three of us talk for a minute?" We sat down on one of the benches Selena on my right Zaria in my left, "your brother wasn't really my husband, i thought we were lovers but you see I was wrong. "I knew the feeling I was being played to. She looked down and started to cry. "Hey it's okay you'll find some who actually deserves a beautiful girl like you." You and Selena both, the both looked at me and smiled. "We're glad to here you say that cause from now on you will mine and Selena's lover the both grinned evilly then kissed me on the cheek. "Oh I almost forgot the headmistress wants to meet with you to discuss your punishment for skipping class." Before I could run away they grabbed my arms and started there way to the headmistress' s office talking about recommending a perverse punishment. "I know your reading this right now so put the damn book down and GET ME THE HELL
OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!"

To be continued............

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