Traiter to my blood killed by his own wife

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My brother the one who killed our parents the one who got adopted by the perfect family I drew my red dagger and was about to drive it through his heart when he vanished, "Brandon!" My face went paler than before as I saw someone who shouldn't be alive, it was him he was supposed to be dead. "Jackson how are you alive!" I ran to give him a hug but he slugged me in the gut. "You killed me Brandon." "You wouldn't let me explain where she went!" "You killed me now I'll kill you." I looked at him in fear. Selena was almost on the roof when I screamed, "I'M SORRAY!!!!!!!" Selena got on the roof and went white, "how the hell is my brother here?" Sam looked at her scared and confused, "Caleb is your brother?" Selena looked at her like she was stupid, "No the one fighting Brandon is my brother Jackson." Her voice trailed off then she went as white as Brandon, "my brother was murdered when I left for here. Brandon said he did it." "but he was being used." "We told him it wasn't his fault."Sam shook her head, "does Brandon realize he was being used."  Selena looked at Brandon.  "He blames himself." "Selena you care about him don't you?" Selena nodded. "Please don't tell him but I only got close to him to use him as bait to lure Caleb out." Selena stared at her with a murderous stare, YOU DID WHAT! Selena punched her in the face with all her strength. Sam flew into the railing and was knocked out. She turned to me and screamed "Brandon wake up!!" My eyes cleared I grabbed and ripped off s piece of caleb's trench coat and slashed his thigh. H dropped to his knees I kicked him in the face and he flew off the roof, "husband!" The girl with white hair jumped after him, a few seconds later they both flew back up in a blizzard. Caleb was out cold. She looked at me her blue eyes wee as red as mine. "Your big brothers wife!" I sniffed the piece of jacket I ripped from Caleb, "cherry blossoms!" "Don't you wear mountain glaciers?!" She walked up to me and put out her hand I gave the cloth to her, she held it to her nose and took in the sent. Her eyes went even redder she turned to Caleb he was coming out of unconsciousness, "You were with that whore next to you again weren't you?!" He shook his head rapidly, "HELL NO!" "I Told you before she's not my type!" Selena walked over and ripped off a part of her blouse, she raised it to who her nose cherry blossoms we walked over and sniffed both are eyes went red I sheathed my ruby metal dagger and unsheathed my emerald one, "lady Niflheim." she turned in surprise as I said her name. She smiled her teeth glittered like fresh snow, I blushed and turned my head to gain my composure, I turned back, "I propose a truce between you and I." I also want to ask a favor of you." She nodded at me to go on. "Let me take care of my brother he and I have a score to settle." She smiled evilly, "fine but I get the smurf headed whore over there I looked at sam with hate and depression in my eyes. "Do as you wish." She jumped for joy clapping her hands. we walked to our targets. I stood in front of Caleb. He was trying to put on a fake smile. "Hey Brandon are you really gonna kill your family?" I crouched down to give him one last look at my face. I spit in his eye. Stood up, "you won't go where they are I promise you that." He started to laugh but I raised my dagger and pierced his heart. Blood splashed my face I looked over and Sam had icicle sticking through her chest. I walked to the edge and stared in the distance. "This nightmare is finally over." The thing is I only traded one for another.

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