I spy a spy

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The next day Sam and I spent the morning together cause by tonight we'd be back at our own academy's, "I'll make sure to write you when we get back." She gave me one of her devilish smiles, "that won't be necessary." I looked at her with concern, she smiled and ran off leaving me to myself and my memories of the past few days. Not a word crossed my lips the whole trip back, but when we got back I was stunned and depressed at the same time the girl I thought was my girlfriend was waiting for us to land. I must've looked pretty pathetic cause she spotted me and her smile went from happy to concerned. I was the first off the plane and walked right up to Sam, we stood face to face as tears came down my cheeks. Sam hugged me, "I didn't know you took my leaving you was a bad sign." I wiped my tears, "well when your like me and never had a relationship till your my age I think you would feel the same." She hugged me tighter and started to cry, "I'm so so sorry!" I put my arms around her waist, "it's ok I know your still mine that's all that matters to me." She looked up and I wiped the tears from  her eyes. Then my face turned to absolute surprise, "what are you doing here anyways?!!" She gave me her most devious smile then she tapped here fingers together like some evil mastermind then talked in a shrill German accent, "rank 1-6 of dancing blades academy have been summoned for classified reasons." Then looked up smiling. "You are truly diabolical." She kissed my cheek, "that's one thing you love about me." I felt a strange sensation and whipped around, "what's wrong?" "I got a strange feeling I'm being watched." She took my hand and pulled me inside as if she knew what was going on, "come on give me a tour." Then we disappeared inside. I took her around campus the lunchroom girls everywhere were looking at Sam begging for a fight. She hung off my neck and stuck here tongue out like, mine get your own. Every where we stopped I felt eyes on me but couldn't pinpoint where. Last stop was my dorm, Sam giggled, "let's go take a nap." She was about to open the door when I spotted a girl peeking out from the corner. She had Snow White hair and ice blue eyes, I remembered her instantly, it was the girl who was on the staircase when I first got to cross academy. she spotted me and took off in a miniature blizzard her, "stop right there!" And I took off after her. Sam knew exactly what was going on and she took off after me knowing she couldn't let me go alone. "I said stop!!!" She flurried to the roof of the academy I ran up and stopped. sam followed. I looked at her confused, "why did you run away from me I'm not going to hurt you." She smiled and started to laugh like a complete maniac, "You hurt me you couldn't even kill him!" I looked confused, "Him?" I turned to Sam she couldn't meet my eyes, she started to speak but was interrupted by a man's laughter. "She finally looked me in the eyes, the man we've been sent to eliminate. You tried but couldn't 7year ago. My face went white I spoke softly, "My brother?" A guy a year older than me appeared in the air across from me, "hello little brother." I looked up slowly at him with Murderous intent my eyes were no longer silver they were blood red, "CALEB!!!!!"

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