Chapter Twenty Eight : Assault

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Chapter Twenty Eight : Assault

_________ had nothing to say against Uta's claim. She trusted him and he knew that, but it all looked a little too far-fetched. All this sounded like something that she herself was never a part of in the first place, but his words resonated within her. Something was clicking together, she could feel it within her. Her vision sharpened again as she ran while still in Piko's memory, surely he was preparing to tell her more.

Of course he was, for she was arguing with Kuro a moment ago and now she was dashing helter-skelter away from a mob of people chasing her with long spears and curses. She felt the adrenaline surging through Piko, pumping through her veins and propelling her forward. She could feel his mind working frantically as he took multiple twists in the labyrinth of a castle; similar to the way Kuro led her by her hand through the crowds in a thronging mall. Uta really stood out with his abnormally white hair and bright eyes no matter how much he wanted to be inconspicuous, how was he planning to hide himself from their prying eyes? As time passed, ___________ found herself rooting for his survival.

Abruptly, Uta ran around a corner and found himself at a dead end with a single door on his left. It was a good chance for him to hide himself since the crowd was still so far away, but he refused to spare a glance at it. Soon enough, the crowd closed in on that corridor and his chances of changing directions were forgone. Was he going to die now? She felt his eyes take over the size of the crowd and he deliberated whether he should face them. He was definitely no match.

Then, Piko caught sight of a small light hanging just between him and the crowd. Without even thinking twice, he pulled a stunt that mimicked Kuro's tail lassoing and glass was sent raining down onto the crowd as the dim light from it faded. As the crowd screamed in confusion, he whipped his tail across the mob and managed to squeeze his way out into the forked corridor. As the flames that provided light were flickering and Piko was rather lean and small, he forced his way out without anyone noticing him. He had thought to run first and leave his tail on the ground so that the mob would chase him once the light returned, but they had thought he had hid in that sole door. They bashed down the door and the wall around it immediately without considering the fact that their target was just behind them.

__________ felt deep anxiety in her this time that fed her still burning adrenaline. There was something important in the room they went into, but Piko was purposely diverting his attention away from its contents as he ran towards the cracked wall. She could not for the life of her prod through his mind, but she was stuck in his body that was sinking her in intense emotions. She was powerless, and all she could do was live out the show. There was no way to know what was happening either, as her mouth was sewn shut if Piko was not speaking at that time.

He was small, so he could not try to dodge his way back in front of them and neither could he see over the backs of all those people who were blocking the way. By the voices, they were hitting someone unfortunate who was in that room. Piko knew who it was, and for a flitting moment ____________ saw the image of a girl with serene eyes and long curly hair flash through his memory.

She felt helplessness since Piko wanted to save that person but he had hit another dead end of his own. Thoughts flew around as he quickly considered all the actions he could take, but he finally settled for the worst one. His hand that reached for a fallen fire torch tingled with nervousness as his eyes darted around to make sure no one stepped on him. As soon as he touched the fire instead of the handle, the prickly feeling in his hand traveled into the flame and it burst upwards, igniting the clothes of those nearest to it and setting the entire room to the torch.

The tongue of the flame caressed the whole room as Piko snuck his way out. As fire produced smoke which was harmful to the people in that room, _________ was gawking at how he thought it was a good idea to set everyone inside on fire and choke them. The fire was almost sentient in a way, it only spread in circles and shied away from the person who was cornered by the mob. Screams of pain rang through the quiet hallway but Piko did not pay the slightest attention to the burning victims.

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