Cheerleading Isn't A Sport?

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CHEERLEADING isn't a sport?


Do me a favor, and try to..

Lift someone above your head and keep them sturdy while they twist their body in pretzel forms and smile at THE SAME TIME. Stand on someone's hands extended above them and keep up smiling and have confidence while they throw you and you spin in one or two circles on your way down and trust them to catch you before you reach the ground. Be thrown high in the air and pop that motion and come down perfectly tight. Show someone you can trust them and make sure you DON'T hit the ground. Build up your strength until you pass out and then do it ONE MORE TIME. Run, yell, dance, perfect, stunt, tumble, and smile ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Get your homework finished and then stay up late, even if your tired, perfecting every move just for that extra ounce of wow. Practice that toe touch, pike, dance, facials, herkie, stunt counts, back handspring, back tuck, layout, full, EVERYTHING until every ounce of sweat is out of you and even then, keep going. Be there for your team. Give it your ALL. Never quit. Work through the tears. Forgive. Take elbows, hands, fists, feet, and shoes to the face, stomach, legs, neck, eyes, and head, and shake it off and keep going. Sit in the heat or cold still giving your all. Pop every last motion for that tenth of a point. Keep your cool. Tumble until you drop. Occasionaly sprain or break something. GIVE YOUR ABSOLUTE ALL. Do all of that at the same time and

THEN you can tell me it's not a sport[: .

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