♪ Chapter 18

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C H A P T E R 18

"Wait, Sarah come up from the back and stand at the front." I ordered as I studied the campers in front of me, "You're voice would blend in really well with Shane's."

She nodded and jumped down from the stand to take her place beside Shane. Shannon and I had worked together to get all the campers to participate in this song. We had set up a choir-like performance, meaning that everyone sang. So far it seemed to be an amazing idea.

"Okay from the start again." Shannon announced. I took my place at the side beside Melissa and began playing my guitar. Shane started to sing, joined by Sarah their voices blending well together. Once their part had finished we waited for Chase to take over- he didn't.

"Where the hell is Chase?" I snapped, face palming. "This needs to be perfect for tonight!"

"I saw him leave with Keara." Stella piped up, smirking at me. Again.

I turned to Caleb with a 'what the fuck' look. "I want this performance to be perfect. And I want everyone in this camp to sing in it. So can you go find them?"

He nodded solemnly and jogged away from the group of us. "Everyone can start the chorus." I murmured and began strumming along to the chorus and singing with the rest of the campers.

Caleb, Chase and Keara returned five minutes later and joined in. After repeating the song six times to make sure that everything was perfect, we called quits.

"Okay so remember, everyone is allowed to play their own piece if they wish. Just let Shannon know before hand so she can tell Chris. The more performances the better!" I informed everyone before letting them go. The memorial was on at nine pm this evening. Shannon and I had spent all morning setting everything up by the dock where we were hoping to have the ceremony. There was a lot of people hoping to attend- a lot of important people. Some of Mr Williams friends would be there, along with some of those who were in the music industry looking for new sounds. Yet I wanted the main focus to be on Mr Williams.

"Hey bitch." Shane greeted, throwing an arm over my shoulder.

"Sup shithead." I responded, giving him a side hug.

"Guess what?"

"My letter to Hogwarts has finally arrived?"

He shot me a blank stare causing me to shrug. "You told me to guess."

"Sydney Shell from 'x and o records' is going to be attending tonight. Apparently she's been looking for some knew sounds."

"Shane this is massive for you! Are you going to do a song by yourself?" I questioned, smiling at him.

"I was thinking it was more for you."

"What? No way! Shane you're voice is so distinct. It's exactly what she's looking for!"

"No, I sound like a lot of male artists. You however have such a different voice than any female singer in the industry!"

"You're being ridiculous. Perform on your own and show her what your made of. I'm going to stick to Mr Williams memorial song, I have a solo in that anyway."

"Stop being stubborn and just do this!"

"Shane stop pushing it. This is your chance!"

"It can be both of our chances! This is your chance to prove your dad wrong! To show him that music can actually get you somewhere!"

I simply shook my head and continued walking, "I don't need to prove my dad wrong. I know myself and that's all that matters."

He sighed but followed me anyway. "Don't get yourself worked up over Chase and Keara talking. You know what Chase is like, he's probably just compromising with her."

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