Chapter 18

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Hey guys. You've probably been waiting for an update for a long time. This chapter won't be that long but i hope you enjoy.

Chapter 18

After crying for a couple minutes I finally released my self from Bryan's hold. As i did so I made my hair create a curtain over my face I felt embarrassed for what I just did. "Are you okay?" he asked placing a hand on my back which made me jump slightly making him remove his hand. "Umm yh I am." I replied as I placed my hair behind my ears and finally gained the courage to look him in his eyes. That was filled with worry. "Sorry for bringing this all on you." I said giving him a slight smile. " No problem." he said with a chuckle. "Whenever you need a shoulder to cry on i'll be right here." he said patting his shoulder. I was about to say something when Amanda and Rachel came running down the hallway like headless chicken but upon seeing Bryan they slowed down and cautiously walked up to us. 

"Hey Bryan." Rachel said giving me a look that screamed. WTF?  " Hi Rachel, Amanda. Ill leave you guys to it. I'll call you later." he said whispering the last part to me. Rachel and Amanda waited until he was out of sight before dragging me to the girl's bathroom. After making sure that all the stalls were clear, they got to work. 

Rachel started to pace the room while Amanda just stayed quiet. "Okay so what you are saying is that you caught Reece and Heather kissing in the hallway?" I nodded. "And what did Reece do?" she asked finally coming to a stop. "He tried to explain himself." I said not wanting to remember what just happened not too long ago. "You know Heather is a desperate bitch already, maybe she kissed him and you just caught on at the wrong time." "I saw him lean in first Rachel I'm pretty sure she didn't start anything." As I said this she started pacing again. "This doesn't make any sense-" she was cut short as three girls entered the bathroom. "Sorry but this bathroom is occupied I'm going to have to ask you to leave." 

"You can't tell us what to do." one of the girls said. "Not only can i tell you to leave, but i can make you leave, that is after I break both your legs and put you in a wheel chair of course." Amanda and I held in our laughter as the girls instead of needing the mirror to put on makeup seemed as if they really needed the bathroom for the reason it was made. Rachel smirked as they quickly exited the bathroom. "So." Rachel started clapping her hands together. "Where were we."


I sighed as I attempted to work out the equations I got for my Maths homework. I glanced at the clock that currently said 7:00 p.m. and sighed. When Reece said he wasn't coming home for awhile I knew he meant it but seeing it really not happening was harder than i expected. The house was quiet without him here and I was already missing him did I make a mistake by not giving him the chance to explain himself properly. My phone rang bringing me out of my thoughts. Reece. Taking off my glasses I quickly took up my phone. 

"Thank God you called, do you know how worried I was, we need to talk just......... come home."

"Paige? Its Bryan." Oh Bryan.

"Oh, hey....... Bryan." I said disappointed that he wasn't the person I thought he was. He chuckled slightly. "Well hearing the disappointment in your voice I guess I'm not the person you want to hear from right now?" 

"No, why would you say that, I just was expecting a call that's all. So umm is there a reason why you called?" I asked. 

"Actually I'm not even sure myself why I called. I just wanted to check up on you, make sure you're okay." When he said that he made me blush just a little bit. 

"Well thanks for that." 

"Are you?" he asked. 

"Am I what?" I asked confused. 

"Okay." he said making me remember the reason for why he called which was to make sure I was Okay.

No I'm not. I'm dying inside.

"Of course  I am, thanks to your shoulder that I can now always cry on. I'm fine." He laughed as he realized I was referring to what he said this morning. 

"Well I gotta go see you at school tomorrow?" I said. "Yh okay Bye, see you tomorrow." he replied. "Bye." I said then hung up. After that I decided to contact Drew.

"Yello." he said picking up on the first ring. "Hey Drew." "Oh hey Paige what's up the guys and I didn't see you today Reece either, is he with you?" "Well that's why I called I thought he was with you." I said. "Well he isn't with me."

When Drew mentioned that Reece wasn't with him instantly I felt an unsettling feeling in my stomach. 

Could it be that Reece is with Heather? 


Hey guys I'm back with another update. I know it's been awhile I just had alot of stuff on my plate. I just want to thank you guys for supporting me and for helping me to keep writing by sending me messages about updating and stuff and the views oh my gosh the views. You guys are amazing. Thank you soooooooooo much.


Purplexlavender xx.

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