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taehyung focus
what the fuck is this.

oh my god.

it's a nipple.

taehyung's about to screech when he realises who's nipple it belongs to.
he looks up to see jungkook's lips parted slightly as he breathes outward of his mouth.

he wants to lift himself up and press his lips against jungkook's.

no, i don't.

yes. yes i do.

taehyung struggles to hide a smile when jungkook scrunches his eyes a little in his sleep. he wants to take his thumb and smooth down the creases but resists himself. instead, he gets up and climbs over jungkook's large frame, nearly kicking the poor boy in the neck.

he stretches once he's off the bed and smiles at the sunlight streaming in from gap in the curtains.
he glances over his shoulder to see jungkook still sleeping, his smile widens a fraction.

i feel good.

he strolls over to his bedroom door, about to go brush his teeth. he opens the door and closes it behind him gently so as not to wake jungkook up.

he spots his mom coming out of the bathroom with the laundry basket, full of taehyung's clean clothes. he smiles at her.

"good morning."


"wow, you look so happy." miss kim hums. taehyung rolls his eyes and miss kim nods, "ah now there's my son."

"do you have any laundry for me to pick up?"

"yeah, the ones on the floor." taehyung replies and walks away towards the bathroom door.

oh shit.

he swivels around to see his mom place a hand on his bedroom doorknob.

"mom!" he yells, miss kim looks up.


"um! did you wash my underwear?" taehyung stalls quickly, bounding over to his bedroom door.

wake up, you piece of shit, taehyung internally yells at jungkook.

"yes, i have - look here's those pink boxers you like." miss kim beams. taehyung cringes in response, hoping that jungkook hadn't heard that. he places his hands on the handle of the wicker basket.

"ill do my laundry." taehyung says, trying to ease off the basket from her hands.

"what's up with you? it's fine, ive got to change your bed sheets anyway." miss kim looks at him warily, her eyes squinting a little in suspicion.

"i'll do that too!" taehyung smiles, he worries that his face might split in half from grinning.

"taehyung. move. now." miss kim's eyes turning into thin slits. her son was acting very very strangely.
taehyung turns limp before edging out of the way.

he prays that jungkook had heard him and his mom, and hid.

"ah taehyungie - look at the state of your bed." miss kim says crossly and starts stripping the covers from the bed.

taehyung pokes his head inside his room.
he exhales loudly when he sees that jungkook was no where in sight. he surveys his room, wondering where jungkook was.

his eyes land on his slightly ajar wardrobe door.

oh my god.

"be right back, ill get the clean sheets." miss kim mutters, still wondering why her son was being so weird today.

taehyung lets his mom through the door and watches her go down the hallway.
he closes the door gently and turns around to see the wardrobe door wide open and a boy leaning down to pick something up from the laundry basket.

"pink boxers huh? cute." jungkook chuckles, holding up taehyung's favourite underwear.
the door opens before taehyung could shout a large range of curses at the younger.

"mom!" taehyung shouts, startling his mom. he takes the new bedsheets from her arms and waves her out, pleading that she didn't see jungkook.

"tae? taehyung what are you doing?" his mom furrows her eyebrows as she's lead out taehyung's room.

"uh, don't you have that hair appointment today?" taehyung asks, remembering that his mom had grumbled about her roots whilst writing her appointment date on the calendar, yesterday.

"yes but-"

"oh then you should go!" taehyung starts closing the door whilst juggling the sheets in one arm.

"well yeah-"

"have fun at your hair appointment!" taehyung cuts in, closing the door fully. he listens on the other side of the door, he hears his mom mumble "weird kid" before walking down the stairs.

he sighs in relief and looks over to see jungkook get up from the floor.

"get changed quickly." taehyung whisper shouts. he sets down the clean linen and grabs jungkook's discarded shirt that lay on the floor. he bundles up the shirt and throws it to jungkook, who deftly catches it.

jungkook grunts in response.
taehyung tries repeatedly to look away from the sight of jungkook flexing his muscles as he puts on his shirt. he stares, unashamed, at jungkook's stomach. he hadn't noticed it in the dark, last night but jungkook was very very built in places.

"what do i do now?" jungkook asks as he leans down and laces up his shoes.
at the same time, taehyung hears his mom opens and closes the front door. he looks out of the window to see his mom walking towards the car.

"go home once my mom's fully gone." taehyung says and turns around to see jungkook staring at taehyung legs.
taehyung raises an eyebrow and looks down too, spotting what jungkook was staring at.

when did i get a semi hard-on?