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Pen Your Pride

My Boyfriend, Me, and His Brother

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"Cody?" I yelled walking down the hallway. "Cody, seriously, your mom wants you to come outside for dinner!"

I knocked on his bedroom door, but there was no response. Was he sleeping? I asked myself. Quietly, I slowly turned the knob and opened it so I could just fit my head in. I flipped the lights on. I quickly realized that he wasn't in here, it was only his spotless room with his bed still made. I turned the lights back off, and closed the door, confused. Where was he? I walked deeper into the hallway towards his older brother Devons' room. I knew he wouldn't be in there, but i couldn't help but go that way. He had to be somewhere around here, and I had already checked the other half of the house.

I decided to skip Devon's room, and continue to the bathroom. Lately, I've been avoiding Dev at all costs, ever since my mistake. It was just a one-time thing. One weak moment. I try to convince myself. It doesn't work too well.

"Cody?" I asked, sticking my head into the bathroom. It was empty. I sighed, and turned around to head back outside. My boyfriend was officially M.I.A. "Cody Bower, if you can hear me you bet- EEP!"

My sentence was cut off by my surprised yelp. I hadn't been expecting a hand to pop out of a room and pull me inside its darkness. None to gently might I add? When I finally caught up with what was happening, I laughed, and tried to adjust my eyes to the dark to see Cody. I couldn't see squat. Suddenly, his lips crashed into mine, kissing me passionately. I closed my eyes, not caring if I could see anything anymore, and wrapped my arms around his neck. This kiss was so full of so much more feeling than our normal ones. I liked it. I stood on my tippy toes, trying to keep the kiss going. His tongue rolled along my bottom lip, trying to find a way inside my mouth. I eagerly opened up, while pushing my body against his even harder. Suddenly, I remembered that people were waiting for us, so I reluctantly pulled away, taking a step back.

"Cody..." I giggled, reaching out for him. "We have to go outside, your mom wants us." I whispered. Being in the darkness just made me feel like I needed to talk quietly. Plus, I didn't really want to go outside yet. I wanted a moment alone with my Cody.

When I felt him about a foot in front of me, I grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer to me, enjoying his body warmth. His chest was right against mine, as was everything below it. He leaned down, his warm breath now at my ear. Weird, I don't remember Cody being so tall. I shook the thought away as I closed my eyes and breathed in his smell, but I was surprised by the scent. Wait a second...

"Guess again." The deep voice breathed in my ear before placing a kiss on my neck. My eyes flew open at the sound of Devon's voice. I instantly dropped my hands that had been resting on his chest, and tried to step back. Unfortunately, that just pinned me against the wall. Devon mimicked my step so we were in the same position we were just seconds ago.

"Devon, no. I thought you were Cody, this wasn't supposed to happen. I told you before, never again." I continued to whisper, this time in fear of someone hearing my words. Guilt suddenly spread throughout my body. I couldn't believe I had done this to Cody...again.

"Odette, please." He pleaded, still breathing in my ear. My heart clenched, and I closed my eyes. Not because I have no self-control, but because of his voice. He sounded so sad and broken. It broke my heart. It wasn't his usual 'pass the salt please', or a 'please' that was full of lust. It was a genuinely pleading 'please'.

He set his forehead on my shoulder. "Please." He whispered again, but this time his voice cracked. I closed my eyes tighter, unable to deal with Devon hurting so much. I couldn't believe i was causing him this much pain. I felt the tears come to my eyes. Stop fighting it. A small voice said. I shook my head. I couldn't do this to Cody. I loved him, and he loved me. You love Devon too. The voice spoke again. I wanted to tell it to shut the heck up, but a part of me wanted it to keep convincing me. I wanted it to be okay to be with Devon right now. Think about that kiss. My heart leaped at the mention of the passionate kiss we had shared moments ago. Part of me felt so guilty, but another part wanted it to happen again. Had I really not known it was Devon? Did I honestly think that Cody had been kissing me? No. The answer came so instantly to me, that I opened my eyes. Deep down I had known. And deep down, I knew I liked it.

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