Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Perrie's POV:

I hadn't of realized my phone was still tucked away in my pocket. I didn't even know what time it was. My hands managed to grab it out of my back pocket. Despite them being tied together. It dropped onto the floor and I spun around. I had to use my nose to control my phone. After what took forever I had finally found her name. After two rings she picked up.

"J-Jade" I said quietly. I didn't want anyone hearing me. Especially him.

"Perrie! Oh my gosh! baby are you ok?" she said back. She sounded really shaky and I had to hold my tears back. It was so amazing to hear her voice. I started to tell her the direction on how to get here. I knew I couldn't waste any time speaking because he could walk in any second. After Jade said she loved me and she would find me the door started to open. He was coming.

"I have to go baby I love you too" was all I managed to get out before struggling to return my phone back to my pocket. I burst out crying from hearing Jades voice.

Jade's POV:

After 10 minutes of me being asleep I was woken up to buzzing again. I sleepily grabbed my phone as I brought it up to my ear and answered it. I saw Perries caller ID again and I got excited.

"Perrie!" I said into the phone. All I heard was a 'SHH' coming from Perrie. Then a male voice spoke. My whole body tensing up. The anger escaping to every inch of my body. My teeth clenched together. Why the hell would Sam take her.

"Perrie why are you saying shh?" he said. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"If only your little princess Jadey was here to save you. Wait no not yours anymore. Mine!" he said. I felt like yelling into the phone but I knew I had to stay quiet.

"Sam she will never be yours. Whether you like it or not she's my girlfriend and I'm planning on keeping it that way for a while" Perrie said back. I started smiling from her words. I heard a slapping noise and Perrie screamed. It was the most painful thing I have ever had to listen to. Hearing my own girlfriend being beaten up by my ex boyfriend. A few seconds later I heard kicking sounds then Perrie gasping for air. Her voice flooded with screams and breathing. My eyes started to over flow with tears as they streamed down my face. I couldn't take it anymore I had to find her. Despite the fact that it was 2:30am I made my way down to the police station.

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