Confrontations Part 38

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1st October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Neena's POV...

Finding out that Lesley's room was just next door was a relief.

Pushing the door open after glaring at the man who was standing guard at the door, I saw after entering the room that Lesley was laying on a bed that was flat with a few bandages over various parts of her.

Seeing the baby bump protuding up below the blanket was a relief too.

A movement from teh corner of my eye had me quickly noticing another woman who got to her feet the moment I walked in teh door along with a nurse who was monitoring Lesley and the various machines that were attached at her and the baby bump.

Hearing both the babies heart beats in regular patterns was a relief as well.

Hearing Lesley's was also another relief.

I stood still as I waited for the doctor to push the door open behind me and walk in, which he did a few moment after I walked into the room.

"As you can see Ms Collins, Mrs Silver is doing as well as expected and we should expect her to wake up on her own anytime." He was saying to me as I walked with him closer to the bed.

I slowly reached out and picked up her hand and looked at all the cuts and abrasions she had, especially the few across her face.

" Johnathon Knox who is her western head of security is here talking to the other detail Mr Kingsley sent down from Washington. If there are any questions, take them to him." I said with a look at the female security agent who stood to attention and stepped closer when I came into the room.

As she should have. But she should have moved a lot quicker than she actually did. I could have been anyone to enter.

"The babies are okay?" I asked the doctor who looked up after checking some of the equipment along with taking Lesley's pulse and pressure.

"The babies are fine. Both of them. I would imagine that she will be wanting to know about these little one's the moment she wakes up." he was also saying with a smile as he put her wrist back down on the blanket.

A moment later, the door opened again and in walked Zeke. I looked at him with a sneer along with feeling satisfied with the black eye he was now wearing. Very satisfied.

My satisfaction went and grew when I noticed that he skirted around me very carefully to draw closer to Lesley other side of the bed. Near the doctor.

I then noticed that he was quietly talking to the woman which lead me to think that she was actually on Zeke's payroll and not on Lesley's. I crossed my arms across my breasts as I stood there and watched them. Then I smiled when the stupid man had to speak.

"Could you please escort the lady from the room." I heard him direct his agent to who I can only assume is me to get me out of the room. She took one step towards me when I spoke.

"You do know that Lesley is my boss and you aren't shit so unless you want to get arrested, I would get out and take your incompetent guard with you." I said as I stood there dropping my arms down to my side and bracing myself on my feet for any action that might come my way.

In fact, I was looking forward to giving him and anyone else with him an arse whooping.

But before anyone could do anything, in came Kingsley and Knox with another man who I didn't recognise.

"Honey, the fool wants his incompetent guard to remove me from the room. Would you like to educate the idiot fool who isn't legally allowed to be in her room anyway along with her who shall be nameless on the merits of obeyling legal requirements." I snapped at Knox who stopped just inside the door watching everyone who was now feeling somewhat tense.

"I don't think it will come to that. Mr Silver knows full well that he has no rights to be here. He signed all those rights away with that prenup he organised and signed. Of course if he wishes to take it to court, he's more than welcome to try. But given that Clause 9 was completely breach with threat to my client, I doubt very much that he will be doing anything. So if you would be so kind as to vacate the room, Mr Silver along with your security." My Kingsley said in a very smart and dapper kind of voice.

I knew I liked him the first time I met him. He was a lawyer who says it like it is and doesn't bullshit. Nor his wife, The Judge. She's the one who scares me though.

Without another word, along with a long look at us all.. Zeke slowly bent down and kissed Lesley's forehead that was unmarred along with a gentle swipe with his finger across her face moving lesley's hair out of the way.

Then straightened and after a nod at Mr Kingsley, he carefully walked around the bed trying not to come within arms reach of me as he left the room with his little shadow who gave me a dirty look along with the other tall man who came in with Knox.

"That went well i think." Mr Kingsley said after the door shut behind those obnoxious peopel.

"Just who is with our daughter Knox?" i snapped out to him after a moment.

"Guards." Was all he said.

Then the three of us talked about the safety measures that are needed for Les. I also couldn't get the look on Zeke's face out of my mind. If I didn't know better, the stupid fool loves his wife.

That made me think this won't be the last we'll see of him. I'm sure of it.

And it wasn't.

He found a judge who was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt where his intentions were concerned and called Knox and Mr Kingsley in for a Judge's private consult.

Whatever it was, which I wasn't privvy to, was all in Zeke's favor. For now.

He was allowed to visit with his wife under observation and never alone. But what had me fuming again was that he looked to be dragging Sasha off somehwere.

Knox got to them and pulled him away from our girl which gave me a perfect advantage at decking him one.

Seeing that it was going to be Knox next to deal with the idiot, he waved his hands as he tried to tell us that Sasha was going off somehwere and stumbled.

He was only trying to help her back to a chair.

I stepped up close to him and reached up and grabbed his ear and pulled him down to my level.

"You ever touch my daughter again and I am going to use that very big knife you have in your boot and I will hive you an instant vasectomy with it. Are we clear?" I asked him very very quietly as I watched him go very pale at the words I spoke into his ear.

"Well now. Isn't this nice? And we are all here to enjoy some of my cakes cosa ne pensi? Hey? You like?" The voice of Helene Boothe spoke behind us all.

Turning, we saw that her and Harry were standing there with a few boxes we knew had some of her lovely cakes and slices in. I think that if anyone could get us all behaving, it would be this lovely italian couple.

" Penso che abbiamo loro storditi mio amore" Harry said to Helene in rapid italian.

Sasha giggled which had us looking at her.

"I think you have them stunned too since none of us were expecting you and you have the goods in your hands. Hello zietta, aunty Helene. Can I have first dibs at the cakes.. per favore..pleazzz." She said in a whining voice which I know will get her what she wants.

And did.

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