Beach duel with a shotgun part 2

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Back at the resort there were three school reps. There was cross academy, moonlight night academy, and dancing Blades academy, all three were all girls except for 1 me. Me and the chick I just beat walk in the door and cross academy and dancing blades academy are already in my face. "Why are you carrying her like that Brandon?! Molly sounded pretty pissed. Danny the girl in my arms had to keep it going she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek, having fun on the beach. why is he yours?" Her face went red, "Hell No!" I smiled, "we had a duel on the beach." "calm down,"dancing blades academy cheered. "Brandon you moron now we have to do what they want for the whole night!" They looked at us your cooking dinner than entertaining us including you handsome." I smiled again, "I'll make dinner myself if that's ok but Danny needs to tell you something really important." Danny giggled, "thanks for throwing me under the bus Brandon." She looked at the girl reps from her academy, "I got my ass handed to me." There jaws dropped. "A girl with blue hair and green eyes. Approached me, "I'm Sam Clide, rank 1 of dancing blades academy you will tell me your name and rank now or suffer consequences!" I put Danny on her feet and stretched. "Option two please." Selena looked scared, "you can't she'll kill you!" I shrugged, "you will face me in a duel same rules as Danny's, if you lose your weapons are mine, if you some how mange to beat me which will not happen you may make up the punishment." I winked, "where too?" She brought me to a underground arena. It was smaller than the schools but it will do. I brought my duffle bag of weapons with me. She brought a silver briefcase. she clicked it open and took out a silver shield and a gold bladed double edge war axe, I whistled and brought out my topaz dagger and a right handed cursed metal knuckle she laughed. "Stupid boy!" "lets begin your punishment!"She charged me I stood there and put up my spirit energy barrier. "That won't stop me!" She slammed her axe blade against the barrier but it didn't break. Sam looked stunned and jumped back. "You won't win playing defense!" I smiled and dropped the barrier. She came at me again and slashed the axe but her mistake was connecting to my dagger. She dropped her shield and covered her eyes with her left hand. I slammed my fist into her stomach with my metal knuckle. Sam screamed so loud I thought my ears were gonna burst. "It burns!" She dropped to her knees and looked up she had o serious look in her eyes. "I'm not done, I won't lose to anyone!" I closed my eyes. I can't tell if your being brave or stupid, but if you won't concede I'll have to end it now." She closed her eyes waiting for me to strike. She didn't get what she expected. I lifted her chin and kissed her lips gently. she opened her eyes and started crying. I moved away slowly. "You took my first kiss your horrible!" I looked her with a disappointed face, "you took mine?" Her eyes got wide as she touched her lips. "I concede, your will is my wish." "Alright then can you show me to my room." The look on her face made me laugh. "That's all you want?" "Yep." Got to her feet walked towards me and kissed my lips. She moved away slowly. "yeah I can." She bit her lip. The other girls looked jealous. Danny smiled, "you gonna keep your end?" All the girls at the other academy were waiting to here my name. "Alright, Brandon Thorn rank 2. I'm a freshman at cross academy. "Now let's go eat." Sam showed me to my room I put my bags in my room and walked out and went to the kitchen. For some reason seafood was on the brain. I cooked smoked salmon, lobster, crab cakes, ousters, and king crab legs. "This looks amazing!" We ate until we were full. Then we all said goodnight and we all went to hit the sack. I turned off the lights and crawled into bed I turned over and there was a blue haired girl laying next to me. "Hi can I help you?" She giggled. "Do you have a girlfriend?" I sighed, "I haven't even seen a girl till I got to cross academy, let alone have a girlfriend?" She giggled again, well I can be your first if you want?" "Your my first kiss after all." I nodded then she kissed me again. "Night." She closed her eyes and so did I, and we drifted off to sleep. I woke up with green eyes staring at me and a blushing face. "Morning Brandon um not that I don't like it but can you please remove your hand from my butt." I squeezed then realized while I was asleep I put my hand on her butt. "Sorry." I moved my hand. She kissed me again and Selena and Sophie saw it. "What's going on!" Sam spoke territorial, "I'm sleeping with my boyfriend what's it to you?" They both looked at me mad as hell, both said at the same time, "no way in hell i'm losing to you." They each grabbed a limb and pulled, and that's how the rest of vacation went. "Someone get me out!!!"

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