Tiny Klaine Stories:Hostage

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**Third person's P.O.V**

It was a cloudy friday morning & Kurt had just finished styling his hair. He looked at himself one last time in the mirror & smirked at how good he looked. Grabbing his bag & wearing his shoes, Kurt went to the door.

_:"Bye dad, bye Carole!" He shouted before opening the front door.

_:"Good bye! Take care kido." Burt shouted back.

Kurt didn't wait for Carole's reply & just went outside of the house, taking in the fresh air & smiling happily.

On the other side of the city, Blaine also got ready for school & after wearing a bow tie -just to complete the look- he went outside of the house after saying goodbyes to his family.

They arrived at school at the same time.

_:"Hiii baby!" Kurt said, running toward Blaine to give him a hug.

_:"Hi love!" Blaine greeted & planted a soft kiss to Kurt's forehead.

Kurt felt a shiver running down his spine at hearing what Blaine called him. He smiled into his shoulder & pulled away a few seconds after it.

_:"We should head to class." Kurt stated.

_:"Yea but I think spending time with you is much better than going to math class!" Blaine pouted.

Kurt giggled & replied:"Sure it is but we can't skip class!"

_:"Why not? We can skip class & do other interesting things!!!" Blaine whispered with a naughty smirk.

_:"Blaiiiiiine!" Kurt's voice flew through the corridor.

Then they reached Blaine's classroom. He took Kurt's hand in his & said:"Okay fine, I'll leave you although it's too sad to even think about that... But we should go grab some coffee after school, what do you say?" He waited for Kurt's answer while drawing small circles on his hand.

_:"Sounds cool! I'll see you then." And with that he took Blaine's face in his hands & kissed him passionately.

Then they separated & went to their classes with the thought of being together that after noon.

At 3:30PM, Blaine's cellphone buzzed in his pocket, he took it out:

Hey baby, I'll drive to limabean in 10mins, see ya there xx

Blaine got a weird feeling about letting Kurt go alone but he replied:

K, my class finishes in 15minutes. see ya xxx


Kurt was driving while singing along the radio when he saw a man shaking his hands in his direction. He turned down the radio & stopped his car near him then rolled down the car's window & looked at him. He looked 45 and had light brown hair with a pair of cheap glasses.

_:"Hey, any problems there?" Kurt asked kindly.

_:"Hi, yea, I have a

formal meeting with my boss in 10minutes. I was driving to the place but my car broke down & it's getting late already so I can't wait for a taxi. Can you please give me a ride?" He was freaking out & Kurt couldn't help but believing what he said. He knew that he shouldn't trust strangers but this man needed help & didn't seem like a bad guy.

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