I get a roommate who hates my guts

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I was walking to my final class when the junior class rep came up to me, "do you have time to chat after class?" I nodded and walked past her as I turned my head I could see her smile fade as she walked to her next class. After final period the she witch came up to me. "Coffee?" She gave me another smile, I frowned, "cut the fake smile crap what do you want." Her smile faded like before, "look I know you, and I don't want to know you but the headmistress told me to tell you something." I waved for her to spit it ot. "I'm gonna regret this, but I'm your new roommate." She looked at me waiting for any reaction. I shrugged and walk back to my room she stood there stunned then shook her head and started walking. She got to the room and walked in. Her eyes glowed. She saw how clean and tidy everything was. I walked into the room half naked once again. She turned and looked at me blushed then yelled at me to put a shirt on. We sat on the couch, "why am I getting a roommate?" She looked at me with an evil look, "because we're over booked." I looked away and sighed, "what's your name?" She looked away with an attitude, "Molly nymph." I glanced at her, "you look like one." She gave me the evil look as if looks could kill, "I'm not nymph!" She got up and went to her bed and sat down, "you ever read about Greek philosophy?" She looked offended, "yeah what about it," I sighed again you look like a dryad a tree spirit." She got up and went to look in the mirror she saw her ref hair in a ponytail she had a dark green blouse, and brown skinny jeans. she said nothing and went to her bed to sleep. I followed her lead and went to bed. I slept awhile then something touched my neck and my eyes opened slowly. There was Molly she had a green bladed butterfly knife to my throat and with a crazy look in her eyes, "did you take your meds?" She shook her head fast. "I'm crazy my meds majorly suppress it." I looked at her and went back to sleep. She looked confused. "Go back to sleep Molly your just dreaming when you wake up it will be sunny with lots of flowers." She said okay and laid on her bed. I walked over to her and kissed her forehead. "See you when you wake up."  I walked back to bed and fell asleep. I woke up looking confused next to me was a dryad sucking her thumb, "Molly what are  doing?" Her eyes flashed open and was looking into my eyes. Her face went red, "why are you in my bed?" She said it with her thumb still in her mouth. "I hate to break it to ya but your in my bed." She got a lot more embarrassed. She looked at her situation and ran out of under the covers. She was wearing s green nightgown all the way to her toes. "Listen here pretty boy this didn't happen got it!"  I got up and walked over to her. "You got it tinker bell on one condition." She looked scared like I was going to make her do something perverted. "Don't give me that look just remember to take your meds that's all I want." I walked out the door to the men's shower they built for me. "Why am I like this around him I hate guys, but he seems different then the other guys I met before." She got dressed and started rummaging through my drawers and closet looking for something. "He doesn't have any of them? She heard giggling, "you sound disappointed." Sophie appeared in the corner of the room. "What are you looking for?" Sophie had a smug look on her face. "Dirty magazines." She said with small voice, "He doesn't have any I checked when he first got here." Molly looked at her with a stern. Look how long have you been here? Sophie smiled, "all night i'm the one who put you in his bed." Molly looked like a freakin volcano erupting. I walked in the door "what's going on" they both said at the same time "nothing!" I walked to my dresser then looked at my closet door opened. I looked at the two girls, "find what you're looking for?" The two girls jumped then looked at me curiously, "you're boy right?" I sighed "last time I checked yes." They looked at each other then back at me, "where do you hide your dirty magazines?" I laughed so hard I thought my ribs were gonna crack. "I don't have any." There mouths dropped. "Why not?" My face got serious, "I've never seen a girl before two days ago." They laughed, "you do know Selena is female right." I took s picture  out of my wallet and handed it to them. "That's you but whose the boy next to you?" I face palmed myself. "It's Selena." Selena walked in the room, "whatcha talking bout?" She saw the picture and snatched it out of Molly's hands and gave me a stern look, "get ready for class!" And stormed out of the room. I turned to the other two with there jaws still dropped, "you heard the lady" I snickered and finished getting ready for class.

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