Injuries Part 37

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1st October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Neena's POV...

If that bitch hadn't been killed already, I would finish the job without hesitation. So I'll go for the next best thing.

Zeke Silver. It was his damn whore that caused my baby and Lesley to be hurt and he is going to know it whe I get my hands on him.

Knox had immediately called Kingsley regarding the accident and he had a team on route to the hospital even as we were on our way as well.

I don't know who it was that we didn't get pulled over by the law and ticketed for speeding, but it didn't feel all that long a drive. Which it wasn't. What normally took just over four hours to drive took us barely three before we were pulling up in the car park of the general hospital.

Rushing in through the door, we headed straight for the desk, but before we got there a voice spoke calling us.

" Mr Knox. Ms Collins." We heard which instantly had us swiftly turning to look at a failry fit, tall fourtyish year old man.

One who looked like he could fell trees with just a look. A very mean one.

Looking at the way he was standing, it made me think that this man was more than he appeared as he held his hand out to Knox.

" I'm Detective Tate Morrow. I'm the one who called you." he introduced himself after which he motioned us to go to a private elevator where he had to flash his badge for us to enter, passing the guard who was standing stationed in front of it.

" How is our girls. I mean how are our girls? Les and Sasha." I swiftly asked him worried about the pair of them.

" Your daughter is fine and giving everyone hell. She is some kid, let me tell you." He was saying to us with a grin.

" And?" I asked him waiting for him to say something.

I could feel Knox wrap an arm around me and pull me close to his side as we waited for the damn detective to speak.

" She's fine. A few breaks, cuts and abrasions. But on the whole, she's fine. And loud. She stayed guard over Ms Jackson.." He started to say which had me cutting him off.

" Mrs Silver. She's Zeke Silver's wife." I snapped at him wondering if the man was here.

" Mrs Silver is still unconsious but being fully monitored around the clock. Sasha tells me you are her head of security Mr Knox. I'll introduce you to the detail who arrived not too long before you did and then I have to go give another statement before heading off to finish a job I was in the middle of when this happened. But I will be back before you all leave the hospital." He was saying as the doors opened on a secured floor for high profile patients.

The man was right, there was a secured detail of men and women waiting. Some of which I knew from those times when they had all come out to the farm.

But it was the respectful looks that Knox was getting from total strangers. I think that was because of what had been seen in the news while Sasha and Les were in Washington.

Knox's military career and his bravery were all made public. He had been painted as a hero, especially by our daughter who adored him. It might have made it a little uncomfortable for him at the first when it happened, but he soon became use to the attention and to be honest, he was even feeling a little proud of his recognition of his service to his country.

Then I saw someone I wasn't expecting who was arguing with who appeared to be a doctor. Not that it stopped me from acting. Oh no, it didn't.

I don't think Mr Silver was expecting to have someone who didn't even come up to his shoulders clock him one then have him by the throat up against the wall with my face in his growling at him.

" I'm told it's your fucking damn whore that hurt my girl with the intention to kill her and my friend Les." I started to say to him as I loosned up a moment to shove him back against the wall a little harder.

" Not very happy is what I am feeling right now you prick." I snapped in a growl at him watching as his eyes which had widened quite considerably when I first hit him begin to narrow.

I think I will just let him know how serious I was about my girls.

Feeling satisfied as he slid down the wall at my feet holding his stomach after I punched the air out of his lungs, I have to say that I did feel just a little bit satisfied at the sight.

You do not muck around with my family and think you will get away with it, I was thinking as I looked at his battered face while he was gasping for air.

" She hits like a bitch, doesn't she? I'd be grateful that this was all she did. She knows how to do worse as some have found out." I heard Knox say to him as he crouched down in front of Zeke Silver and assessed the damage I did to the man.

Everyone was then stepping away from me while the detective stood there at my side looking very admirable for want of a better word.

" My Tracey would have done the same thing, but just a little worse." The officer was syaing with pride about the person who I assume is his wife.

Then my attention was brought back to the man who Knox was carefully helping up off the floor.

" I'm Johnathon Knox. Lesley Jackson Silver's head security detail from Fitzgerald. How is Les and I want my wife taken to our daughter right now before she gets a bit more pissed." Knox was saying which had me snorting at one point.

Wife? I don't think so.

" Sasha Collins. Now!" I called out when no one moved after Knox spoke.

Then there was movement.

Knox stayed with the others while I went with a doctor who motioned me to follow him down the long corridor where all the rooms were shut while all this hooplah was happening.

Plus I didn't care who the hell was in those room even if I did get a small glimpse of one well known politican who quickly shut the door when he saw my face snap at him.

Bloody political sticky beaks. Can't mind their own business. That's why we are in so much trouble these days.

Anyway, it wasn't too much longer before we were entering a room that was sparcely furnished. There she was, mylittle girl.

" Mumma." I heard as I held out my arms for my girl Sasha to fall into crying.

" A cut to the forehead which had required several stitches. And apart from a sprained ankle, a broken wrist and a few bumps and bruises with some cuts, she is fine. Shaken up, but fine." The doctor went on to say to me reassuring me while I gave my daughter my own assessment.

I just sat on the side of the bed with my daughter in my arms holding her close to me for a few moment until her father came to us.

The moment he did, I was off and out to see to my friend.

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