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Numb hearts

01:12 AM

That last fight.
It made our hearts completely turn cold. And I didn't want it to end like that.

It was the 2nd of September. We decided to meet after not talking to each other for a few days. We didn't keep our promises.

You kept drinking and I kept hurting myself, as a relief of pressure that was put on me.

We were both turned into a mess. A mess that we've made unintentionaly.

Our happy times and days died. We loved each other so much It became sad.

You said you loved me too much, yet you denied to everyone that you know me and that I mean something to you.

I guess we were both having different ideas of what we want our love to become.


° 2nd of September °

I saw Simon walking towards me. Our classes just finished, so we met close to his house.

The weather looked sad, just like we were. The sky was about to cry, and so was I.

"Why did we let this happen?" I asked him, being hopeless, yet feeling numb.

"I'm sorry okay? I don't know. I just can't ignore the other people. I'm not like you." He said

"I care." I whimpered. I felt the tears coming.

"I care too much, how do you not see that?"

"If you care too much, why did you cut yourself? Don't you care about us?" He whispered

"I do care about you and me."

''Then why did you do it?" He quietly asked

''Just stop reminding me of that!" I screamed

"Everyone knows, Sunnie. Everyone saw your cuts."

"Yeah, but that does not mean you have to bring it up! Are you still embarrassed that everyone knows about me and you?" I asked

He didn't say anything.

"You are. You can't keep up with the messed up girl, can you?"

"I-Umm.. I-"

"You can't. Than why did you give me hope? Why did you kiss me and tell me you love me?"

"Stop it."

"Why did you get in trouble for me? Why did you spend all those nights with me?!"


"I wish you never spoke to me." I said

"I know you don't t think that."

"You know what? I do. I'm starting to." I said and turned around, ready to leave

I started walking away.

"Sunnie!" He called out my name.

He ran up to me and grabbed my arm. It made my wrist slightly hurt.

"Don't talk to me, Simon." I said and move away my arm. I continued walking.

Surpsingly, our break up wasn't angry. It wasn't really passionate either. We were numb, almost dead.

I'll never forget this September sky.

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