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• Regretful hearts•

9:23 AM

The rumor got to me, and your look across the hallway confirms that it's true.

I knew it. I knew you got drunk last night. You keep drinking, knowing that I hate when you do that. Your hair is messy and your eyes look tired.

You were saying out my name, half drunk. Your girlfriend is giving me death glares and everyone keeps looking at me weird. It's like we're going through the same situation again.

And people from our school? They always knew about me. It was too obvious. You couldn't keep me a secret, and that made you upset.

I just stood in front of my locker and you stared at me. My eyes started watering as I quickly closed my locker and went to my class.

I wanted to talk to someone about it. About anything. But now that we're not together anymore, I have no one. You were the only human I could normally talk to.

I went to our English class. Knowing you'll u unfortunately be there.

I sat down at the back, in my usual place.

Then you came in.

All eyes were looking at you, and I tried my best to ignore you. You sat in front of me as always. You still spell of alcohol. I do too.

I regret drinking, I hope you do too.

You definitely do. Because you mentioned me whilst being drunk. You hate yourself because of it, don't you?

Near the ending of the class we finished the lesson and the teacher said my name.

"Sunnie." She said

"Yes?" I slowly say, barely talking when he's around. He kept his head straight forward, ignoring my voice.


Sunnie, there's something we have to talk about."

"Okay. What's wrong?" I asked

"I'm afraid I will have to call your parents...Well, your dad." She said. Simon looked down when she mentioned my parents.

"Why?" I asked as I felt my heartbeat go insane.

"You're missing most of your lessions, definitely your English lessions."

"Please don't call him." I said

"We have to see what's the problem."

"He won't pick up anyway. He never does." I answered

"Why won't he pick up?" She questioned

Maybe because he's always drunk, huh?

"I don't know." I lied. Only Simon knows I'm lying about him. Because he knows how he actually is.

I'm so upset.
I'm sorry you couldn't keep me
as your secret.

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