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20:37 PM

You are at the party right now. You are drinking, again. I just know it. So, because of you I decided to drink. I took the same few bottles of drinks that you used to drink and I put them in my backpack. 

It took me an hour to get there. To our mountain. I jumped over the fence, just like we used to. Then I got up the hill and sat down near the edge of the cliff. I started drinking, and drowning my thoughts in alcohol. 

I hate this. I hate drinking. It reminds me of the taste of vodka on your lips. If you're going to drink tonight, I will drink too, even though I know I'm far away from you. 

Hell, If you're allowed to run away from me, I can  too. 

"Why am I doing this?" I whispered to myself

Oh yeah, apparently it should help me forget about you.

I put the bottle close to my lips and started to drink. I felt the alcohol burn its way down my throat. It made me cough a little, but I kept drinking.

The hours flew by. I was drunk shortly after only half a bottle. It all felt like a movie. I felt like I couldn't control anything. In one moment I got up and stood right at the edge of the cliff. I could barely keep my eyes open. My feet felt unstable. I dropped a bottle and stared until it crashed against the rock. 

It was falling so fast and looked light as a feather.

I wish I could fly like that.

How can you do this so often? How are you not afraid of being unaware of what you're doing or saying? It's so scary.

I'm drunk and I need you.

And I don't care if you're drunk too.

I'm going insane.

Drinking is always followed with bad decisions, I hope I don't let those decisions include you.

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