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Chapter Nine- Take Me There

‘So you are coming right?’ Blake’s text had startled me from my soft position in the passenger side of Demon as Tom was driving. Over the entire trip we had barely spoken; but it was a comfortable silence. During this silence I had only thought of how much I was dreading to have yet another ‘meeting’ with Elijah. It’s not that I don’t appreciate his help, since I almost know nothing about all of the essentials that went into weddings, it’s just that he acts very annoyed when I don’t know what he is talking about or when I take too long in a decision. It could also be that when Eli does get annoyed, his muscles flex and his eyes become more intimidating. Yes, this morning’s meeting had granted me more stress.

I glanced at Tom, who did not notice that my phone had vibrated, before I began to text Blake back. ‘Yeah we are coming. And when I say we I mean Tom and I. So if you could do me a favor and not mention that we have been talking a lot lately that would be wonderful :)’

It was only a few seconds later until my phone buzzed again. ‘Why does he not know Cassandra?’

Just by the way he said Cassandra instead of Cassie did I know that he was teasing me. ‘Oh shut up! I haven’t known Tom to be jealous, because there has not been a reason for him to be. But by saying that it does not mean that- ugh. What I mean is that I don’t hang out around any other men except for actors that he knows. I just don’t know how he would take it, and really I don’t want to know. So keep your mouth shut’

‘Uh oh, already hiding things from him I see’

‘No, I’m not hiding things from him and I’m not lying. It’s just…not telling the entire truth.’

‘Okay, okay calm down. I won’t say anything’

And before I could reply back Tom asked “Who are you texting?”

I shrugged “No one important”

He brushed my reply to the side, “Alright, now where am I going?”

I looked out the window, noticing that we were getting close to my old house.“Just go about a mile or two on this road,” I brushed my hand in a dismissive gesture “When you see a whole bunch of cars, were there”

Tom’s eyes creased “Yeah, why in the bloody hell is this party outside in the middle of winter?”

I smirked “We are just brilliant like that”

He scoffed and rolled his eyes.

A few minutes later, he began to look around more. “Maybe you should have driven instead of me”

I laughed “Well I was until you stole my keys and insisted that you drive”

He nodded his head from side to side and sighed.

Tom’s mood seemed to lift once he found the already pretty big party. It didn’t occur to me that other people, whom I know, would bring other people, who I don’t know. I shrugged; you can always make more friends.

We both hopped down from Demon and met at the front of the car. He laced are fingers together as we began to walk toward the fire and bunches of people. “Now you’re not going to ditch me right?”

I smiled extra sweetly and bumped my hip with his “Now why would I do that?”

He rolled his eyes “Oh I don’t know”

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