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6:33 AM

I guess you could say that our love was changing as the seasons were passing by.

The more it got colder outside, the more we got colder inside our hearts.

And it completely broke me down.

I didn't take care of myself, I didn't sleep, eat, and my hair turned back to blonde when I didn't dye it regularly.

I wouldn't come to school for few days, and It seemed like you didn't care.

It was like if I disappeared you wouldn't even notice.

And it's still like that. Nothing has changed since the summer ended.

Then the rumours came into our lives. They found out about us and you were so afraid of what other people think.

Because they got to know me as a girl without a family, the girl that was always outside and ever at home, the girl that had white marks and dirty old scars on her wrists, the girl with a snowflake tattoo on her arm.

They labelled me, and you were the only one who was interested about my messed up mind.

I never intended for us to fade away. But it seems like you wanted it. I'm sorry that I don't have a perfect life and that I can't be all that you want.

Oh, how embarrassing would it be to love a scarred, lonely girl, almost homeless girl, right?

You were so helpful before our fights.

Do you remember when I cried on your shoulder when we were in the hospital when my dad passed out because of drinking?

Do you remember when you held me tight every time I would run away from home?

Do you remember the way your hugs would calm me down?

I had no one to protect me and It was a blessing when I found you. So why did you have to walk away?

They all don't know that you were the one who messed me up, pushed me over the edge to be like this.

So I wouldn't believe you if you were to say that you didn't do nothing wrong.

And in our case, I was the one who ended up hurt. And I have to admit that I blame you as much as I blame myself.

Love is fun, until someone ends up hurt.

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