| Epilogue | ~ FINAL

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"Don't you think It's a bit weird standing out here alone, with no friends?"

"Don't you think It's bit weird to approach girls while they are standing here alone?"

"I'm Simon."


"It bothered me that you were alone, being this pretty."

"You say that to all the girls, don't you?"

"Only the pretty ones with hearts."

"What about the ones with cold hearts?"

"Don't approach them."

"How do you know I don't have a cold heart?"

"You're smiling."


These moments were ours.

Trapped in lies, guilt and sadness.

But also trapped in smiles, happiness and love.

They will be forever trapped in our cold hearts.


This is the end of this book. It's been an emotional journey, holy shit.

I loved the idea and the making of this book so much tbh

Hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the votes and reads and comments, they make my day💕


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