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4:22 AM

It's 4 AM and I miss the taste of your lips. I want to run my fingers through your hair and let out silent moans close to your ear. I miss the way you touched me, like you wanted me to feel yours. And I was yours.


°° 4th of August °°

20:56 PM

We chuckled as I unlocked the door of my house. Simon kept kissing me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

We got inside as I locked the door. He picked me up and carried me to my room upstairs.

He threw me on my bed as I chuckled. He smiled and pasionately kissed me, as he leaned on top of me. I run my fingers through his hair and pull him closer. He kissed down my neck and started sucking on my sweet spot, creating a hickey.

I silently moaned. I run my hands up his back as I pulled his t shirt up.

"Wait." He barely breathed out.

"You really want to do it?" He asked

"Yes." I shortly said and instantly kissed him.

He smiled as he gently kept stroking my thighs.

We got lost in the moment, trapped in our little world, as our bare bodies touched and screamed out what words can't explain.

The way he touched me made me shiver. Even his skin against mine screamed out complete passion.

We moaned the whole night, as I kept digging my nails onto your back. It was already a hot summer night and the warmth between our bodies was even hotter.

The remembring thought of that warmth is what keeps me warm these cold nights.

And you keep whispering you love me. And I love you too.


I still remember all the rumors they talked about us, sleeping with each other. Someone said you did it because you were drunk, some people said you felt sorry for me, and the rest don't believe that rumor.

What should I think?

Was I nothing to you?

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