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15:49 PM

I loved when we were spending nights in my room. When we would fill the room with darkness and turn on  white Christmas lights that are still hung up on my walls. The orange light would reflect onto your face and I didn't want to close my eyes. I just wanted to stare at you and snuggle really close.

Do you remember?


°° 18th of July°°

21:32 PM

"Simon! I can't see anything!" I laughed, trying to find the switch for the lights to turn on. We were wandering around the dark room, trying not to fall over something.

"Wait, wait." He smiled. I heard him walk a few steps further and few seconds the room was lighten up by my Christmas lights on the walls.

I stared at my room as I completely adored the lights.

"Told you I can find the switch." He chuckled behind me.

I turned around and smiled. I walked to my bed and sat down. I stared at Simon, as I tried to figure out what was he doing.

"Simon what are you doing?" I chuckle

"This little light bulb isn't working. I'm trying to fix it." He said, as he was trying to repair that one light bulb that was attached to the wall.

"That one doesn't matter. We have plenty more lights." I chuckled

"No, everything has to be perfect and at its place."


"Don't you feel safe when you know that everything is working perfect?"

"I do, but I honestly don't think this one little light bulb will make a difference." I chuckled, as I got more comfortable on the bed.

"It just annoys me when it's just there by its own. I have mad OCD, I know." He said

"So, was that the reason you approached me when we first met? When I was standing alone at that party, disconnected from the crowd?"

"Partly, yeah." He chuckled. I smiled as he stared at me.

I spent a few seconds just staring at what he did.

"I fixed it." He smiled as he showed me that the bulb was working.

"Just come over here then." I begged him to come to me.

He slowly got closer to me. He started kissing me as I fell down on my back. He was on top of me, still kissing me passionately.

Our lips moved in sync. I wrapped my arms around his neck and enjoyed his lips touching mine.


I'm finally home after seeing you around at school. That became our habit. We pretend we don't know each other, even though everyone knows.

The memories flood my mind as I walked into my room.

You would hate to see that only half of the lights work. The little light bulbs burned out, just like our love.

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