Corie World Creator (Corie Universe Feeder Book Three)

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[unedited first chapter - waiting for first of many returns from the editor!]

This is the THIRD book in a series. One is:

Only One

Not one but nine spaceships landed on Earth on a Thursday.

Did these alien spaceships land at The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?  Did they, perhaps land at the Queen of England’s summer residence at Balmoral in Scotland?  Did these space alien, alien spacers land at the United Nations? The Taj Mahal?  How about in Geneva - did these shipped in alien shippers land in Geneva at the World Bank headquarters?  China? Did they land and perch on a great wall there?

Oh! Did they land in the United States’ state of New Mexico in the mistaken believe that it was part of Ye Old Country of Mexico?  What about South Africa?  Were they looking for some springboks to hop around with?  Were they busy, busy, and decided to rush right over to Russia?  Were they not busy, busy but quite slow and decided to go to Slovakia?

Ah.  Wait. Were they cool-ish-ly cold aliens? Did they possibly land at the southern tip of North Antarctica?  How about the center-ish, middle-ish, pole-ish, magnetic part of the North Pole?

Not cool?  Hot? Were they toasty-warm aliens and therefore needed to land in the middle of the Mojave, Sahara, Gobi, Kalahari, Chihuahuan or Great Sandy Desert?  Hang on!  Is there really a desert named the Great Sandy Desert?  That seems a tad silly.  Newsflash! Aren’t MOST deserts great and sandy?  Hold on to your Kindle or other reading device. Let me go research that for a minute.

Oh. My. And. Heavens!

There is!  There is! There is a Great Sandy Desert!  It is in North West Australia.  I do believe I shall hop on an airplane or perhaps a camel or kangaroo and go visit that desert.  I do kind of, sort of tangentially know a woman named Katie W. Stewart who lives in Australia.  She is a writer and she reads to her daughter.  She writes and reads and reads and writes – that’s’ a double good thing.  Doubly. Perhaps I shall pop in and visit them and that GREAT SANDY DESERT.  Do you think they will serve me dessert? 

Where was I?

Right! Aliens.  Not cold.  Possibly hot.  I am not sure about their dessert eating situation at this point but if I do find out I shall immediately inform you.  Did the aforementioned aliens land in the middle of your classroom the day the air conditioner was broken and it was ninety eight point six degrees outside? Did they land in or on a toaster? If they landed on a toaster in France would they have had French toast?

Did these aliens land in the middle of the ocean and float around like nine small, medium, large, extra-large or stupendously large oddly shaped ducks?  Not big fans of salt in their water or tea or taffy?  Did they land in a no-salt lake, like Lake Erie, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria, Reindeer Lake (in Canada) or perhaps they just paddled around on Lake Street?  Was there any lake effect snow when they landed?

Did these ships of aliens make prior arrangements that neither you nor I knew about with some alien landing pad, port or station?  Did they land in baseball stadiums during football season?  Perhaps it was football stadiums during baseball season?  I am not that big a fan of hockey in any season, no insult to anyone intended. Go Canucks!

Nope, nah, not, nyet, nein, nopey-dopey.

The aforementioned nine alien space ships of variously weird shapes and sizes all landed in Corie’s yard smack dab on top of Corie’s mom’s begonias.  I would have expected nothing less!

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