Week 3: Rianel_Lewrej

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Week 3 : October 2- 9  

Author : Rianel_Lewrej

Title of the book: Reincarnated Memories

Title of the book: Reincarnated Memories


The Gang is back to their home with additional members of their Family. But that is not all, the leaders are missing, a storm is brewing, and the old man is still out there scheming schemes that will get his hands on a power that could destroy worlds!

That is not all, with a few more additional allies and enemies, their worlds are getting bigger, battles getting fiercer and wilder emotions.

Will they find their leaders? Will they find peace? Or will they ever continue fighting and fighting just like how their memories are?

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/23599305-reincarnated-memories

Request to Reviewers: Please be hard as possible on constructive criticisms. And do enjoy reading the story!

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