1st class magic weapon smithing and the girl with a saphire scythe

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After yesterday I found out my best friend didn't kill his little sister, but the worst of it is I killed my best friend as revenge for killing his sister. I'm confused and in pain and all I want to do is sleep. After I left the stadium crying I was captured by three of the teachers and brought to my room. They laid me in the bed holding me down as the headmistress and Selena walk in, I couldn't look her in the eye." It wasn't your fault Brandon." The headmistress words were soft and kind, "if it's not mine then who's is it!?" She had a sad look in her eyes. "It was the People who raised you that deceived you, they knew Selena only moved here and they used it to there advantage, they used your best friend for the test to see if you would be able to become an assassin." I looked at the ceiling, "what if I failed" she looked out the window and said quietly, "death." My eyes filled with tears, "if I would have known I would've died instead of him!" Selena began to cry she dropped to her knees, "please don't leave my brothers gone I can't lose you too!" I looked at her and said, "why would you want a murderer to live?" She got off her knees and looked into my silver eyes,"because back then I liked you I still do." She pushed up my hair and kissed my forehead. "She looked at the headmistress, may I sleep in here tonight." The headmistress nodded, "only for tonight." Selena smiled and went to her room to get her things for the night, you don't have to worry about it anymore. Your not going back I won't let you suffer anymore." "Thank you" Selena came back in red and black striped pajamas. "I'm back!" She sounded nervous. "I'll take my leave." The headmistress and the other teachers walked out the room. First time sleeping in a boys room." I couldn't see but I could tell she was blushing hardcore. She turned around "time for bed class starts at 7:45am." She crawled on the couch across the room. "Night."  I turned the light off and fell asleep, i dreamt I was back in my neighborhood I was in Jackson and Selena's house. I was standing over a body with an evil grin on my face. I already knew who the body belong to and I threw the weapon I had in my Hand at myself, I woke up in s cold sweat. I look at the clock it was only 3:24am. I look over and Selena was curled on the couch smiling and talking in her sleep. "No Mr. Gummy bear I don't want any grapes." I smiled got out of my bed and walked to the window, "there's no way in hell in falling back asleep." Morning rolled around and Selena opened her eyes yawned she looked at my bed and screamed, "why did you leave me again!?" Tears were rolling down her face and I came back in the room half naked in skinny jeans. Selena ran and hugged me still balling her eyes out. "Where did you go I thought you left again!"she stopped sniffed and looked at me. Her face went bright red. "I'll go get changed and be back to walk you to class." She ran as fast as she could out the door. "Still a weirdo." I got the rest of my clothes on this time I wore a white shirt one sleeve long and the other short I had Carmel color skinny jeans on. My blade strapped to my leg. And knife hidden in my sleeve. I was about to walk out when something tripped me. "Not you again do you enjoy teasing me?" She materialized and smiled. "You bet." I got up an took her hand, "let go of me pervert." I opened the door and tossed her outside, next time knock creeper." She looked pissed, "I'm not a creeper!" I looked at her "I'm not a pervert." But if you don't like being called creeper what would you like me to call you." She was about to yell then realized what I said she put her fingertips together like she was embarrassed." I'm Sophie what's yours?" I grinned, "you'll find out in class." I shut the door she was mad now she stormed past Selena. "Oh boy." She went to Brandon's room as he was locking his room. "You just made an enemy of the second ranked kid in school." I shrugged, "not worried in the slightest." Selena brought me to my first class, "weapon making huh? I went inside and and froze. Girls were starting at me some with joy some with hate. I knew exactly what they were thinking. "Master Thorn good for you to come?" I nodded. "Do you have anything you want to say about yourself to the class?" I looked at all the faces staring and finally said, " "my name is Brandon Thorn I'm seventeen and my type is combat healer. I'm also a trained assassin. I know I'm  getting some dirty looks and I know why your looking at me like that. No I don't think I'm better than you because I'm a dude, just the opposite. So I hope we get along?" One of the girls shouted, "are you single!?" My face went bright red, "I'm uh I guess I'm single I've never had a girlfriend if that's what you mean." 90percent of the class shrieked, all right time to start class master thorn sit in the seat next to lady Lockhart." I looked to where she pointed to and sighed. "Is there another open seat?" The girl got up and shouted, "just sit your ass down!!" I looked at her and gave her a cute smile, she blushed even more red than before. "Alright I'll sit next to the creeper. "I'm not a creeper you bastard!!" She realized what she said and sank back into her seat, I sat down and looked at her, "so Sophie got planes later?" She looked at me quick blushed then looked around and all the girls were giving her the evil eye. "You just got me killed. If you want you can hide out In my room I guess you'll be safe there." She looked pissed, you did this on purpose. "I shrugged if you want to fight about it I'm game." But if I win I get your title." She looked at me your a first year I'll make you cry." By the end of class I crafted twin daggers the blades made of cursed metals. One was made with cursed topaz ore, the other was cursed ruby ore. I don't know what they do yet but they looked badass. I got A+'s on both. I went back to my room and got to sheaths I had extra. I strapped one to my other leg and strapped the other to my lower back. I had 3 blades two with magic properties. I slipped on my combat gloves, and walked to the arena. Sophie was waiting there for me grinning evilly. "Welcome to hell! The headmistress was the referee. The rules are no killing and no fatal wounds!" She looked at Sophie like she's done it before.  Alright begin Sophie brought out a expandable sapphire scythe. "I think your trying to hard." I brought out my new toys and she ran at me and swung I blocked with my topaz blade and a bright flash of light erupted from the dagger. I was fine but Sophie had to shut her eyes or be blinded. I ran at her while she couldn't see and kicked her in the stomach. She flew three feet and landed on her feet. I switched blades I pulled my black mini katana out and just realized something it's a freaking reverse blade. She charged again like the grim reaper himself then did something I forgot she could do. "Great your invisible." She giggled a little than she was quiet. She was making sure I couldn't find her. She slashed my stomach and it slowly healed. She cut me several more times and I healed. I got one lucky hit with my ruby blade and she screamed and lost concentration she became visible right behind me with the scythe at my throat. I turned around and kissed her nose she backed up. I Caught her by the waist and put the red blade to her throat. "I don't want to hurt you with this blade anymore." I looked at her wound it was right next to her belly button, I sheathed my blades and put my hand under her shirt on the wound. "What are you doing? She put her hand on mine. "Just watch." She looked down I removed my hand and the wound was gone. "Do you concede?" She punched me in the gut. "Yes I concede and touch me like that again I'll cut your hand off!" she walked to the door blushing and smiling. "Later creeper' she turned I'm not a creeper you asshole!" Then turned back and stomped away. I turned to the headmistress, "congrats Brandon you are now rank 2 and a freshman." I'm Very impressed. Most kids that are high ranked are junior and up." I thanked her. Be carful the upperclassmen are gonna be gunnin for you now." I shrugged. "I'm not really worried.." I walked away thinking this should be fun.

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