twenty-one | correct again

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I wake up on the floor. I sit up, trying to take in where I am. It looks like a dusty holding cell. There's no visible exit, except for an opening in the ceiling. I'm underground, but unchained.

I look behind me and see Bellamy, still unconscious on the floor.

"Bellamy," I call, shaking his shoulders. "Bellamy, wake up!"

I see his eyes flutter open, but they widen when they see me. "Clarke," he says, sitting up, wrapping his arms tightly around me. He pulls back. "Are you okay?"

"I think so, you?"

He nods. "Where are we?"

"I think we're in some sort of holding cell," I reply.

"Correct," I hear a voice say.

I stand up and spin around, looking down at Bellamy, whose eyes squint to a figure in the corner. "Murphy?" he asks.

"Correct again," Murphy says, emerging from the shadows. "You two are on fire today."

"What the hell are you doing here?" Bellamy asks angrily, standing up.

"I'm a prisoner, just like you," he says, shrugging.

I walk closer to him, noticing that he's covered in bruises and blood. "What did they do to you?" I put my hand up to touch his arm, but he flinches away and doesn't say anything. "They tortured you," I say, answering my own question.

He still doesn't respond, but his eyes tell me I'm right.

"Wait..." Bellamy says. "They knew who Clarke was... You told them!" Before I know it, Bellamy has pummeled Murphy to the ground, punching him as he shouts, "You did this! You knew they would hurt Clarke! You were going to let them!"

"Bellamy, stop!" I yell, trying to pull him off. "Bellamy!"

I have to force him off of Murphy, but even when I do, he still looks angry. "They hurt him, Bellamy, and we're not exactly his favorite people, why wouldn't he tell them?" I turn to Murphy. "What are they going to do with us?"

"They want you for information," he says to me. Then he turns to Bellamy. "And they're going to kill him if you don't give it to them."

I look at Bellamy frantically. I can't lose him. "How long have we been here?" I ask Murphy.

"Couple hours," he says, shrugging. "It's early morning."

"They'll be waking up back at camp soon," I say to Bellamy. "They'll notice we're gone, they'll know the Grounders took us, because our bodies aren't there. Octavia can get Lincoln to find out where we are. They'll come get us."

"You really believe that?" Bellamy says weakly. "We have to get out of this ourselves, and you know it."

"Murphy, you need to tell us everything you know," I say.

"You think they would've put me in the same cell as you if I knew anything?" he asks. "I've been down here for weeks."

"And they've been keeping you alive?" I ask. "Why?"

"They probably want to use him as a weapon," Bellamy says. "Or maybe he knows more than he's letting on."

"I don't," Murphy says flatly, rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, okay-"

"Bellamy, don't," I say, putting my hand on his arm. "We have bigger things to worry about."

Ah, yes, Murphy returns in this chapter. I love him/ writing him so much. I hope you guys liked this chapter!

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