Chapter 13

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Ayesha's POV

I woke up in a dark room. I try to move but my hands are numb because of being tied too tight.

Who kidnapped me? Why? Where am I?

Suddenly, I hear the door open and see a shadow coming closer to me.

"You're awake," says a husky, cold voice.

"Who are you a-and why have u kidnapped me?" I ask, with a cracky voice. My throat is so dry, it hurts to talk.

He lets out a evil laugh, his voice echoing,"I'm your worst nightmare," He says, coming closer and I try to see his face but its covered with a cap. I can only see his eyes and lips.

He comes even closer to me invading my personal space. I hold my breath, terrified.

"Don't be scared, Princess. I'm not gonna do anything to you," He says, caressing my cheeks with his knuckles.

"Don't touch me!" I yell and he grabs my face with his hand. His grip was too tight and it hurt.

"Don't yell at me," He says, making his grip around my face even tighter, I scream in pain and his grip loosens.

He tries to kiss me on the cheeks but his phone rings and he groans.

Thank god!

"Hello?" He says, annoyed.

"Wait, what?! Okay, okay I'm coming," He says, and then slips the phone in his pocket.

"Don't you dare even think of escaping because you if you do...You will wish you were never alive," He spat, staring at me for a good 2 minutes and then left. I sigh.

What am I gonna do? 

I look around to see a way to escape. My eyes land on a window. I try to move there. When I'm a little close. I try to climb but fail and fall again since my hands are tied.

I pull my hands away from the rope, the rope loosens and I fall back with a jerk, hitting my back real hard.

Aha! He isn't good at tying people now is he?

"Aahhhh!" I groan in pain but manage to get back up.

I climb and hold on to the window and push it open.

"I'll die if I jump, it must be about 10 feet from here," I say to myself, looking down.

Bad move. I get nauseated and quickly move back.

I close my eyes and jump, praying that I get down alive.

I hit the ground and close my eyes real tight. I put a hand around my mouth to keep me from screaming. It hurt real bad!

I get up and run before anyone could see or catch me. I run as fast as I could in the forest.

A sharp tree branch pierces through my arm and I scream in pain.

I run again, hoping no one heard me, with my left hand on my right arm.

I finally get near the road. I ask a lady for help so I can call Ahmed to get me to my home. Away from here.

"H-h-hello Ahmed," I say, hoping to hear his voice.

"Hello Ayesha! Oh my god! Are you okay?! I was so worried," He says it all in one breath.

"I-I'm fine. Just come and get me," I say.

I ask the lady for the location and inform Ahmed.

Ahmed's POV

I was heading to get Ayesha from the university but my tire got punctured. So I'm replacing it with a new tire. I pull my phone out to message Ayesha that I'll be a little late today but unfortunately, my battery has died.

It takes me 10 minutes to replace the tire. I then drive towards the university but now I'm stuck in traffic.

"Dang it!" I say, hitting the steering wheel.

After 15 mins the traffic finally opens.

I reach the university and see the lights closed, with some teachers walking around.


I call Ayesha but it says that her phone is switched off. I call Hussain next.

"Assalamu Alaikum," I greet.

"Walaikum Assalam," He greets back.

"Um, is Ayesha home?" I ask.

"No. Why? I thought she was with you," He exclaims in shock and I tell him what happened.

"I'm so sorry its my fault. Don't worry I'll go find her," I say, worried.

"I'll go look for her too," He says, quickly and then cuts the call.

I go all around looking for her.

Where are you, Ayesha?

A few hours later...

I've been looking for her for a couple of hours now but can't find her. I burrowed a power bank from my friend and I've plugged in my phone now.

I get a call from an unknown number and pick it up.

"H-h-hello Ahmed," says a beautiful voice, that I recognize.


"Hello Ayesha! Oh my god! Are you okay?! I was so worried," I say, finally getting a little relieved.

"I-I'm fine. Just come and get me," She says, her voice dry and croaky

I thank god that she's okay.

"Okay, I'm coming," I say, she tells me the address, and I drive there after informing Hussain.

Assalamu Alaikum - The Arabic greeting meaning 'Peace be upon to you'. Muslims use it to greet people.

Walaikum Assalam - The Arabic greeting back meaning 'And unto you peace'
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