Scary Stories 9

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| ~ Scary Story 9: Clowns ~|
It was all on a gloomy day in Detroit, Michigan. Kids were in class doing their work as usual. Suddenly, over the P.A all the classes were interupted.
"Attention students and teachers, Please go into internal lockdown mode. Just as planned. Thank you."
The P.A turned off and the class was murmuring to eachother as the teached locked the door, turned off the lights, and closed the blinds.
"Alright class," said the concerned teacher. "I don't believe this is a drill, so please remain quiet." All the kids remained calm, thinking it was a joke. They scurried to the corner of the room and sat, quietly chatting amongst their peers. Suddenly, there was a loud banging on the door. The kids hushed and looked towards the door. The banging continued for minutes on minutes. Suddenly it stopped. And there was a bright red repetitive flashing coming through the blinds. Suddenly, there was a very eerie giggle from outside.
"The hell was that.." said a kid somewhere in the group.
"Hush.." said the teacher. He slowly stood up and tiptoed towards the light. I dont know what he was thinking... But he opened the blinds very slightly. "Kids. Run to the mid room."
The mid room was a room that meets in the middle of the four classes close to eachother. We all ran as quietly as we could. We closed the door and sat. It was pitch black and we couldnt see anything.
"Whos on their phone?" i heard a kid whisper. I turned and i saw a light blue flickering.
I heard a giggle.
I turned on my flashlight on my phone.
A clown in the middle of us.
[ quick story, hope you enjoyed! ]

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