The person i thought was dead lives

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After this mornings tour I was ready For sleep.
We ended the tour in the dorm hallways. "31776." The headmistress gave me a key then was gone.

I found my room at the rnd of the hall, and walked in.  There was a package on my bed, and a letter. pickinh up the letter, my face went went white.

Dear Brandon,
We took you in not to raise  a child but an apprentice., we chose you cause of your ability to heal yourself, then implanted the ability for you to generate spirit energy in front of you using your hand.

We sold you to the academy to better your training, and for you to find a suitable wife.
In this package is the other half to your katana set use it carefully, you know it's not a toy. Your our best pupil don't let us down.

Sincerely, sensei

I crunched the note in my hand ripped open the package in it was a sheath with a black leather bound handle sliding the sheath open,  was a shorter version of the katana I had. I unsheathed the blade and it was silver as the moon in the night sky. Putting it back in the sheath I flopped on my bed and cried for a while. "I want to go home."

Suddenly I heard a voice next to me say , "Why you don't like it here?" I whipped my head around, but no one was in the room, but me.. I heard a SNAP! Then winced in pain.
My finger was bent backwards. Someone appeared next to me with purple eyes and blonde hair.

"That was punishment for wanting to leave us!"  Snap! She looked at my finger and said. "It fixed itself."

I got up off my bed, then put my face close to hers, the girls face went red.
"Are you what they call a girl too?"
Slap!! "Dumbass!!" The girl disappeared, "What did I say?" The loud speaker turned on, and the voice of the headmistress was echoed all over the school. "All students the to the Arena, the tournament will begin at noon!"

Looking at my watch it was I shrieked "11:20! I changed into a black shirt with one side long sleeved the other short.  In the long sleeve was a small knife  attached to a metal thread attached to it.

I put on my black skinny jeans and attached the mini katana to my right leg.

Lastly I put my light weight combat shoes on, put my katana in the closet, and ran out the door to the arena.

It was huge  like the Bears stadium. I creeped along the bottom of the stadium, then  slid into a crevasse on the side of the base.

Girls, well I think there girls poured into the stadium, ready for combat.
When everyone was in the headmistress I met earlier was on the loud speaker, "Attention lady's welcome to the tournament of Cross Girls Academy! She said it with such cinfidence I wanted to fight as well. "you all know the rules but for the freshmen I'll explain quickly, so pay attention."

"There will be no killing, or any severe injuries, our first match will be chosen randomly!" "We will have a new student slash instructor, you will meet in class tomorrow!"
All the girls complained, but the headmistriss put up a hand, and they all went silent.
"Now then let the tournament begin!"

All the matches were really good they used there abilities very skillfully.
"Now for our final match, our champion from the last tournament rank 1. Miya Torres!" A girl came out of the corner of the arena.  She had Carmel skin and black hair.

She was cute but I felt like she wasn't my type. The name I heard next sent a chill up my spine.
"Her opponent is a girl who has yet to be ranked Selena Salem!"

It was her, my next door neighbor I remember seeing her through the peephole before it was covered. She had stunning red eyes and beautiful black hair, and of course a rebel attitude.

"What is she doing here?" I thought to myself.
The match began, with Miya striking first with lightning, but Selena dodged easily, "Thats all you got!?"
Selena punched the ground and a wave of earth erupted from the ground and knocked, Miya off her feet then "Selena charged,  I couldn't help but think to myself, "If she gets hit by that, she'll die!"
After thinking that, I did something really stupid.

I ran quickly in front of Miya, and put up my shield of spirit energy.
As Selena connected to my sheild,  she looked into my silver eyes. "YOU!!"

I dropped my shield spun and kicked Selena in her stomach, and sent her flying through the air, she landed on the ground, and stood up with hate in her eyes.

I stared back, "You dumbass you know if you would've  hit her with that much power she would of died."
She still stared. "Why does it matter to you and how did you get in here anyways?!"

I looked confused, "you know who I am?"
  she dropped her fists, and with a  confused look she said, "You don't remember?" I frowned, I've never really met a girl let alone seen one."

"It's me Selena!"  I Looked at her again, and sneered,  I couldn't help being pissed.

"Selena died when I was ten she Was my best friends little sister, my dads told me so!"

She looked hurt, she a tear trickled down her chin.  "I am alive, and I can prove it!"

I took out my short sword out of its sheath, then screamed.  "If your lying I will kill you where you stand for pretending to be Selena." She blushed as his words full her ears. "Fine remember the birthmark on my stomach shaped like a flower next to my belly button!" I looked at her like she was stupid. "

Of course what about it!?" She lifted up her shirt showing her stomach. My face went pale as I stepped backwards I mumbled. "you can't be." "they said he killed you." The farther I stepped back, she took a step foward. "I killed him for revenge for your sake, but your alive." Selena sped up her pace a little.

"It's ok I'm alive and well." She said it so kindly, something it didn't deserve.

"Would you say that if you found out who it was I killed!?" She stopped, "of course who was it it's, ok to tell me."

I couldn't keep the tears from coming down My face.

After a few minutes of silence I spoke softly, "I killed your brother."

Her face went pale then anger. "I knew you'd be mad!"

I jumped into the crowed, with with tears streaming down my face.
"Selena it wasn't his fault." The headmistress's voice right beside her. Selena started looking to her for answers, "He was being watched in his house for years.

He heard many rumors, and then asked one of his dad's if they were true. His father told him they were. He Thought you were dead, and ran out of the house, breaking down your door.  your brothertried to tell Brandon what had happened that you were still alive, and at school, but Brandon was convinced you were dead. Brandon killed your brother because he was tricked by the ones he thought were on his side. That was enough we were tired of this child suffering in thst house, being used as a pawn everyday.  We bought him, then brought him here to the academy, and now he's knows your alive, and feels responsible. He's gonna try to kill himself." Selena looked scared.

"We have to stop him!"  The headmistress sighed,  "Do not worry child, I have instructors looking for him, once they find him he'll be brought back to his room." Selena looked at her gratefully.

"What the heck is going on why is there a boy here!?" All the girls in the audience were looking for  answers too. "He is the student assistant instructor I was telling you about!!!" The girls screamed all at once, "WHAT?!

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