Tiffany Hawkins: A Door Marked Exit

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Following Susannah's suggestion, Tiffany fled from the library. The Town Square was not far, where it housed the Mayor's office and she was desperate to achieve something that day. Signing her soul to the Devil was, arguably, the worst decision she had ever made – besides not slamming ex-best-friend Brenda to the floor for being a whore when she had the chance.

The headlights on her car illuminated the darkness of the road. She set off as quickly as she could with several dilemmas fighting for her full attention. The deal with the Devil was one thing, but being able to see into the past was also another crazy diversion from her usual 'crazy'.

She tried to keep her eyes on the road, but couldn't help zoning back into what she experienced as her sister. If she could see what happened, maybe she could work out who killed her – and several other mysteries that plagued her life.

As Tiffany drove into the Town Square, she noticed a crowd of people by the Town Hall. The Mayor, from her vision looked like a podgy ant, was waving his arms and, as she got closer, appeared frustrated and somewhat scared. Knowing the townspeople as well as she did, they were most likely there to wreak havoc during an already turbulent situation.

Despite her own dire situation, Tiffany thought of ways to help stir the pot a little. She parked her car in an empty space in front of blacked-out shops and exited the vehicle.

The shouts from the residents were loud and a jumbled mess. It was hard to make out most of the talk, but some choice words were more audible than others. The Mayor, in the dull grey suit he always wore, small and unattractive, finally grabbed a microphone from his plain assistant and spoke through it.

"Quiet! Quiet! Please, allow me to talk!" He shouted down the microphone, just to be sure everybody could hear him. The noise it made scratched at Tiffany's ears. She made her way to the front of the crowd.

Everybody had flashlights and lanterns with candles. The absence of streetlamps was harshly felt, and even the moon could not do much through the clouds. Tiffany was now sick of the night during day crap.

The noise quietened. The Mayor continued, "thank you! Now, the first thing you all should know is that I am doing my best to isolate the source of the problem and fix it! That is my most important priority during this time."

"How long will the electricity be down for?" A random man shouted.

"I don't know, there is nothing wrong with the power grid, so this problem seems to be something more than just a fault with the power grid."

"But I have my children to feed, how can I do that now?" The woman next to Tiffany asked.

Tiffany laughed. "Please, you only want to know where you can find a working socket to plug your vibrator into." She let that shock the woman, and the crowd, for a few seconds before continuing. "Mr. Mayor Man, please enlighten us on how you are going to go about finding out what did this, because your track record of problem solving is weak at best."

The woman next to her spoke up. "She has a point, though I'm still offended at that comment."

The Mayor squinted his eyes at the crowd. "Is that Tiffany Hawkins? I apologise, I have a hard time seeing and hearing right now, you may have to speak up."

"You're a shit Mayor so how are you going to find out what is causing this?" Tiffany shouted for him to hear.

"Or should we say who is causing this!" A tall, stocky man shouted from behind her. It took her by surprise, and she turned around to face him. "You and your friends seem to be the centre of everything that's gone wrong lately. How do we not know you're not responsible for this?"

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