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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (When The Higurashi Cicadas Cry)

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Imma take a small break from Fate related rants and talk about this series. Also I realize by this point some of the rants is just me talking about a series I recently watched but tbh, just talking about a series on a whole can be a ranting mechanism. While I get rants are more, well random, I don't want to give you guys a one sentence chapter and waste your time cause let's face it, I'm kinda boring. xD But also, this gives me a chance to talk to others who share the same thoughts on a series as I do or differing opinions. Case in point, I want to create a legitimate area where we can discuss what we thought were the most interesting aspects of a series.  

With that out of the way, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.

Honestly I found it more interesting than scary. But maybe that's because I watched it during the day and not at 1 am like the rest of the fandom apparently has.

I don't know maybe I've been watching too much Scooby-Doo to really get into the horror factor.

But the music.....put that sucker of the Main Theme on at midnight and all the chills will be there.

The animation is not that great to be honest but quite frankly, it's better than the Visual novel. XD And coming from Studio Deen, at times the art style looks aesthetically pleasing.

 XD And coming from Studio Deen, at times the art style looks aesthetically pleasing

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(Shocking, I know.)

And can I just say that while the mystery of the anime is intriguing, some of these characters are just plain IDIOTS. Then again, this is a mystery where the characters literally learn from their mistakes (just watch the anime to see what I mean.)

But before I get to that, here's a simple premise: 

It all starts with Keiichi Maebara, who (a few months prior to the series) moved to a place called Hinamizawa, a rather seemingly quiet village with a dark legend. (And if I get into any more detail, I might as well spoil the mystery.)

Now, the series is divided into eight arcs, the first four being "Question arcs" and the last four being "Answer arcs", each arc told from the different perspectives of the main characters. I know this because after watching the anime, I checked out the wiki page and the anime was more or less following the format of the VN.

Season one did all of the Question arcs and the first two answer arcs. This is important to know because while you get all the gore and horror of the series in the first season, the second season (Kai) is where the mystery takes a foothold, and that's where majority of the focus is.

I do have a small gripe about the ending though. And its spoilers beyond this point. (For the most part. The bold at the end is when it starts and ends.)

Spoilers Start




The ending for the most part is satisfactory. Everyone is broken from the timeloop, Satoko is finally accepted by the village, ect. But what I don't get is that one random character that looks like an older version of Rika (it's not actually Rika btw) goes back into the past and changes the past of the true main antagonist so that her parents don't die in that accident and she isn't orphaned. 

The reason why I have a gripe with this is because if it weren't for her, practically none of the events in the series would have taken place. One of the main reasons why she and her team were in Hinamizawa was to research the strange occurrences there. The vaccine wouldn't have been developed, which held the disease in check and about half the people who leave would have been dead by the end of Keiichi's first intro arc. Miyo Takano is one of the primary catalysts for Rika's death in the previous timelines, so it really doesn't make any sense for me if her past is altered like that. Pity is one thing but when it alters the timeline, it really does beg the question of how the rest of the series would have played out.




Spoilers End 

All in all, I'd recommend you check out the series, if you're into horror. Tbh, while I myself am not into the horror genre, I found it enjoyable and quite frankly, it is a legitimately good mystery. The characters thankfully don't fall into the harem stereotypes a group of characters like this would suggest and dare I say they do develop despite restarting again ( Watch the anime to see what I mean by that XD).

What else would you like for me to rant on? Comment below and let me know! :D

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