Chapter 1 My Story

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(This is her life when she lived in a house)

I just got back from school. I got bullied once again for my clothes. My parents have little money, and I had to wear the same clothes I did yesterday. I heard yelling. I walked into the kitchen to see my parents fighting. I gasped when dad slapped mom. "I'm leaving your asses!" He yelled. He walked to the door and left. He slammed it hard. My mother started crying. I walked up to her and hugged her. She pulled away. "We have no money now that he's gone." She said.

That's why we're on the streets. On the streets of California. "Mom I'm starving ." I said. "I know sweetie, I'll have to work at that diner." She said. (That's where she works but it pays little). I hid my face into my knees. I probably wasn't going to be eating today. I couldn't go to school for many reasons. I'll get took away from my mom. I'll get bullied. And, I'm very dirty. I'm 15 years old. I'm old enough to work, but I'll probably have to work at that diner. "I saw a sign that Starbucks was hiring." She said.

"They won't hire me mom, I'm dirty and i probably stink." I said. "Well, the thrift store, is giving away clothes for free. The clothes that haven't been bought." She said. "It's a long walk though." I said. "I know, but it's worth it." She said. "You can clean off at the restroom. Just use hand soap to wash your body." She said. "Mom, that's ridiculous." I said.

"Well, then stink." She said. I rolled my eyes and sighed. "Greasy's" is the diner that she works at. "I'll bring a free meal that I get for you." She said. "Okay, thanks." I said. "I have to go, be safe bye." She said getting up. She kissed my head and left. While she was gone, I decided to go to the thrift shop. I started walking.

(20 minutes later)

Finally, I arrived. There was 10 boxes of free stuff. I looked threw the clothes. I found a ripped pair of jeans, a t-shirt that was faded, and a pair of dirty sneakers. I looked for clothes for my mom. I found her two pairs of ripped jeans, a shirt with a stain, and beat up shoes. It was better than nothing. "Excuse me, where is your restroom?" I asked. "Down the hall and to your left." She said. "Thanks." I said waking to it.

It was a single bathroom. Thank goodness. I took my old clothes off and wetted a paper towel. I pumped some soap on it and started washing. I rinsed the soap off. I heard a knock at the door. "Are you alright sweetie?" The lady asked. "Yes I'm fine." I said. I quickly put the new clothes on. I felt a little clean. I left the store and went back to the street. Which is our home basically. I laid down on the cardboard box that was flattened. I only had a ripped towel to cover up with. But the weather is always hot.

The sound of a loud truck woke me up. A lady passed by. "Excuse me m'am what time is it?" I asked. She turned on her phone. "10:50." She said. "Okay, thanks." I said. "Your welcome." She said smiling. 10 minutes till she got back. She worked from 7 to 11. She couldn't work later. She didn't like leaving me alone.

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Name: Maria    Age: 15

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Name: Maria    Age: 15.  Personality: Shy, sad most of the time, and very sweet.

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