Chapter 21

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"Today we thought to talk about your third term's assessment project. Since all of you guys are second and third year students, you all will be paired up to work for a week at somewhere we send you. To pass the assessment, you all have to work hard at the place where you will be sent and collect good marks from the owner"

Vice principal sir who was extremely short and has a big tummy like a pregnant woman, informed everyone of us who are second and third year students.

We were called to a sudden meeting to discuss about our assessment.Every student who are in second and third year will have to collect good marks by working somewhere they send us if we want to pass to the next grade.

Two days passed;me,without talking to Taehyung and Taehyung, who tried his best to have a conversation with me.

You know I was so flustered after that kissing case and still I am. I know I'm super dumb that I don't even know a single shitue about those kind of stuffs. I don't even properly watch any romantic drama. I just came out of my mom's womb 😶. I even feel like my lips has gotten any kind of infection after that kiss cus it always shakes like it's afraid of something.

"Please be yoongi please be yoongi 🙏"

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Min Jin was praying god. Then our vice principal sir started to pair every student.

"Jung Hoseok and Kim Min Min– ugh, sorry. It's Kim Min Jin 💂"

I looked at my left side to see her sulking so hard.

"God hasn't listen to you I guess 😂"

I joked snickering before look back at the front after earning a grumpy look from her. I was waiting for my name to be called fixing my wrist watch.

"Min Yoongi and Park Min Ah"

"Jeon Jeahyung and Kim Songjae"

"Park Jimin and Park Yoon Hee"

Well, damn!😑

Suddenly my name was called pairing it with Jimin. I mean, why did he even paired me up with that stupid hella nuisance!?. My face crumpled and searched for his head but I didn't see him.

"Oh god has just listened to you too😏"

Min Jin joked back smirking sarcastically like she was just taking her revange from me for joking her before.

"Stop stealing my words, will you?". I asked elbowing her but she just continued to giggle.

"Kim Taehyung and Choi Yoseob"

I heard his name is paired up with some random guy I've never seen or heard before. Suddenly they stopped pairing us and the PE sir leaned down into vice principal's ear to say something.

"Kids! There is a little mistake here. Since Yoon Hee and Jimin are siblings, I'm gonna pair you two again. Yoon Hee with Kim Taehyung and Jimin with Choi Yoseob"

Well...can I disappear?!

I prefer previous pair with my brother!! At least I don't feel uncomfortable around him like how I feel around Taehyung specially after that romantic comady.

After they pairing all the students, here comes the places we should work our ass off for a whole week. I don't even know why he didn't tell us our workplaces together with the pairs😲. We don't even get salary for working but only those damn stupid marks.

"Kim Min Jin and Jung Hoseok, you will be sent to "Baby Monster" ice cream shop."

This time our vice principal sir handed the task over to our biology teacher Mrs. Choi.

Guess his mouth is tired of talking too much lol 😂

Ten minutes already passed yet my name hasn't been called. I was yawning because I got so bored. Now my legs are telling me to get my ass off of this place and find a spot to put my ass down.

"Min Yoongi and Park Min ah, your work place is "Pink Princess" cosmetic shop"

WHAT??? 😵
If I could work there I would have collect the full score surely. Seokjin oppa would have give me the full marks for it surely. I could have earn those marks without working in the shop too if I were assigned to his shop ohhhh Shit!!! I'm an unlucky trash 😷.

Jimin and Yoseob were assigned to a shop called "Chocola" . I guess it's something about chocolate 😮.

"Park Yoon Hee and Kim Taehyung will be assigned to "Heaven called book shop and groceries" "

Lol is that even a book shop?!
Haha heaven called me to their book shop or something?!
BUT... 😫
I wish if I could work in a cake shop or something 😞. Then I can eat all day.

"You all should start working from tomorrow! Students, dismiss!"

Phewwwww finally it's over 😅. I sighed in relief and went in to my class.


Next day I went to school and our principal let us leave school early since today was the first day of the assessment project. I didn't look for Taehyung cus you know, that will probably be a super awkward moment. I'm still not ready to face him, I mean, how can I face him like before when he has acted romantic!?!

The shop was two blocks away from our school so I walked there casually as I have some more time to my shift start. Finally I reached the shop and there was a big board named "Heaven called book shop and groceries"with angle wings. I pulled the door to get inside and it made a sweet jingle sound. I saw a middle aged woman in her 40 s calculating something on the cashier.

"Excuse me ma'am I'm the student assigned to work here for my assessment"

I said politely bowing her 90°.

"Oh you are Yoon Hee right? I'm Mrs.Jenna. Nice to meet you"

She flashed me a soft smile bowing me back.

"Here is your uniform and the list you need to do with your partner. He is already here"

I nodded at her taking my uniform and the list with both of my hands.

"Jang Mi~where is Taehyung?"

To be continued...

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