A Horrible Feeling Part 36

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31 March 2018- I added a little extra to this and edited it. I hope you like reading it a second time.

30th September 2016 All Rights Reserved

Mostly Edited.

Neena's POV...

Perseus and Nina have been a welcomed addition to the farm. And into our family.

Knox offered him one of the security jobs that were going here at Lesley's place. I thought that maybe our two older boys might want jobs similar to that of their fathers and Perseus, but they seem to like all aspects of farming regardless of how hard the work is.

Lesley put them on the payroll when she came across them doing some pretty hard work down in one of the far paddocks. They were replacing one of the fences that ran across the river that was old and needed replacing. 

Ryan though, was still in school but would come home, have a snack and do his homework in that order before racing out to join his brother in whatever it was they had planned to do the night before.

The front fence needed painting and they said they were up to the task of doing it.

Anyway, all of the kids have taken to farm life really well. We even got those chickens the kids wanted when we first moved in and we even got a dog too. They call him 'Sugar' for some reason.

Maybe because he likes it so much and I find that I am always telling the kids to stop feeding it to him. But the damn dog has a sweet tooth and if he isn't careful, he won't have any teeth to chew with after a while.

Anyway, it's been a few months since we moved in and we even have Nina and her Percy settled into one of the cottages that are down the paddock about a couple of hundred meters.

It's not a very big place like this one, but Nina fell in love with it when she first saw it. She's made it into a lovely little home for them.

I have to say that I was relieved after I first met them when that tiredness I had been feeling left along with that nausea. I was worried it was something else.

But that doesn't count for the reason why I have begun to feel sick every morning for the last week. Even Knox has noticed that I've been feeling ill too. So I'll make a quick trip to the doctors this week and sort that out.

I have been thinking of the day that Nina met Lesley.

From the few times that Les had been on the news or in a magazine, it was pretty easy to see that Nina recognized who Lesley was that day.

And I was also right too. The three of us have begun to be good friends. It feels nice to have friends. I told Knox that too and he got a funny look on his face when I said that to him.

He didn't realize that I didn't have any, ever. Just Judy and Merv when they were alive and that was it. I had no one else to call a friend. So these two girls were good for me and it helped that I liked them too.

It's been a few days since Lesley left to go back to Washington, I think she said it was she was going. And she has my girl Sasha with her. Sasha was all excited about the trip east getting to see some of the sights she hasn't seen before.

Plus spending time with someone as special as Lesley too was going to do her good. It was nice of Les to take my girl with her even though I more or less had to force her I thought with a smile.

" Knox," I yelled out for John as I heard an alarm going off in the office he uses for business. It was a rather nasty one at that. But the man must have been down the back of the property at the moment or down doing something with Perseus.

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