Tea Talk

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Hello my readers this is sort of a filler chapter to introduce you to Julia's friends. There modeled after my real life friends who are much crazier than this. Hope you enjoy and comment, vote, and please help me get my book known. I have not edited throughly so if you see any problems just tell me, I will fix them. :)

I decided to go get a cup of coffee, well more like tea because my friends only love tea, with my best friends Raea, Roslyn, and Alia. Once I got to New York City, Grans enrolled me into private school which I didn't mind public since I grew up with it my whole life, but she said it wasn't the greatest. And I'm happy that she did because I met three amazing people that without them I don't think I would have survived.


"Sweets wake up it's time for school." Grans shook me trying to lightly get me up.

"Grans I don't want to, I'll just do online schooling or something" I say into my pillow. I didn't want to get out of my bed or do anything because Lauren, my wolf, was hurting too much. Personally I wanted to just forget Ben, he hurt me too many times for his rejection to affect me. But Lauren wanted to run back to Ben and just be in his arms, which is so stupid. Hello did she understand that he didn't love her or me.

He does, well his wolf does, and we need to go back to him!

No he doesn't can you get it through your thick skin or should I saw fur! PS the pack doesn't want us either so it's better if we just forget about them and move on!

No, we can't he is our mate, our soul mate. If we aren't together we will die!

Stop being so dramatic, we are going to go to school and forget about him!

I decided I was done with her banter and turned off our communication. I got up from my bed, took a hot shower, and changed into my uniform. Put on mascara, concealer, and some nude lipgloss. I seriously needed makeup because crying for a whole day really takes a number on your face. Then I went down the hall to the kitchen. My Grans had this amazing penthouse apartment in Lenox Hill, she brought it a long time ago, you could tell by the furniture, and her apartment was super close to Central park so I could take my daily runs.

"Sweets I made you some breakfast. Eat up you have a long day ahead of you."

"Tell me about it." I sit down at the table, in front of me there is toast, eggs, fruit, and cranberry juice.

"Grans thanks for the breakfast, but I'm really not that hungry I think I'm just going to skip." I give her a smile to make sure she knows that I'm ok.

"Sweets just take a couple bites and if not take a granola bar if you get hungry later." She looks at me with those sad eyes and I don't think I can take another moment of it, so I get up to leave for my room.

"Grans I going to get my bag then I will be ready to go." I turn around to yell back.

Gran then drops me off in front of the stairs to Dalton private school, the only reason I got in was because she was friends with the dean of the school and she asked for a favor, and kissed me goodbye wishing me luck. I walked up the stairs each step was mixed with the sound of my heart thumping. I had never gone to a different school before, I knew the same group of people for my whole life. I then went to the main office area and told them I was new and needed my schedule. The secretary, I presume, told me to wait a second while she went to get my schedule and someone to walk me around.

A couple minutes later a girl came through the doors wearing this amazing outfit, it was sort of grunge yet chic, walked up to me then stuck out her hand.

"Hi I'm Alia, nice to meet you, you must be new, well duh that's a stupid question." She said superfast while laughing.

I shook her hand back saying, "Yeah, my name is Julia and you guessed it I'm the newbie." I said trying to sound chipper,yet the only thing I wanted more was to go back to sleep alone.

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