Chapter One

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I wake up to my alarm clock blaring. I groan as I sit up to turn it off. "Time for another day at school," I tell myself as I quickly make my bed. I slip on some blue jeans on and put on my dark purple sweater. I put on my little to no heel black boots and walk into the bathroom. I quickly brush my hair and throw it into a ponytail.

"Good morning, sweetheart," Mom tells me as I walk into the kitchen. "Good morning, mom," I reply as she places eggs and toast in front of me. "Thanks," I tell her and take a bite of my eggs. "Welcome, sweetie. Are you excited?" Mom asks, a huge grin plastered on her face. "Of course! What werewolf wouldn't be excited for their sixteenth birthday? It's like humans cannot wait to turn sixteen so that they can get their license!" I exclaim, a smile also plastered on my face. "I know you're excited, honey." Mom replies, then turning back to where the eggs are frying on the stove.

"Morning, Aubrey," Dad says coming into the kitchen. "Morning, dad," I reply back simply as he sits down next to me, mom handing him a plate with food on it. "Thanks, Chelsea," Dad says to my mom. "You're welcome, Blake," Mom replies and faces the stove once more.

"Dad, you've been getting quieter and quieter since April rolled around. What's going on?"I ask, asking the question that has been bothering my for days now. "Nothing, Aubrey. It's just been a long month." Dad replies back. "Dad, come on, you can tell me," I state, not accepting that as an answer. "Aubrey, please just drop it? I've been thinking about your sixteenth birthday, that's all." Dad replies back snappily. I stay quiet, knowing not to push my father.

I put two and two together. I am turning sixteen. Sixteen is the day you can find your mate. Sixteen is also the day you get your Wolf. "You don't want me to turn sixteen, do you?" I question as soon as Johnathon, my older brother walks into the classroom.

I now know what the saying, 'If silence could kill.' Because if silence could kill, I would've dropped dead as soon as the question left my mouth. You could hear a mouse run across our tile floor. Not only because we're werewolves and we have very good hearing, but because it's literally that quite.

Dad stays quiet, looking at me with a shocked expression on his face. "Am I right?" I whisper, breaking the silence. Dad continues to say nothing, though I know he can hear me. "Am I right?" I ask a little louder, not daring to raise my voice at my father. Johnathon continues to stare at me while mom looks between dad and me, eyes slightly wide. Again my father continues to stare at me, saying nothing.

"Am I right?" I scream at dad now, needing to know the answer. Dad stands up so fast that he knocks the chair over, making a loud noise, causing mom to flinch the slightest. "Don't you speak to me like that." Dad hisses at me before walking out of the kitchen. I blink back the tears threating to spill. I look at Johnathon then at mom.

I stand up and grab my bag that's beside of me. I walk out of the kitchen without saying another word. I walk out our door, making sure to lock and shut it behind me. I just asked a question. I just wanted to know if I was right. It wasn't as if it was a hard question to answer. All he really had to do was say 'yes' or 'no'. Hell, he didn't have to say anything at all. He could have just shaken his head and I could have gotten my answer. Now it's going to basically be a living hell when I get back home this afternoon.

"Earth to Aubrey?" Ella questions, gently touching my shoulder, causing me to snap out of my thoughts. "What?" I ask a little too loudly. "I've been calling your name for five minutes now. You walked right past my house and ignored me until I touched your shoulder." Ella replies as we continue walking to the Pack school. "Oh. I am sorry, El. I had a rough morning and my mind has been thinking back to this morning." I reply back truthfully. "Oh. I am sorry, Aub. Do you wanna talk about what happened this morning?" Ella asks softly, I smile slightly. "Not right now, El. But don't worry, I'll tell you." I reply. "Okay. Just remember, if you need a place to stay, my door is open." Ella tells me. "Thank you, Ella. But you know I don't run away from my problems." I tell her.

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