kuroo x reader (i)

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It was volleyball practice on a Saturday morning, and since you were the manager, you had to go to their practice. They're currently on break and you were trying your best to give them all a bottle of water and a towel.

"Oi! [Y/n], need more drinks and towels here!" Kuroo called out as he tried to catch his breath.

"Be right there!" You exclaimed as you get more drinks and towels, running to bring them to him. "Here are the drinks and towels you were asking for." You hand them to him, giving him a smile in which you had earned a pat on the head.

"Thanks, [Y/n]." He ruffles your hair, messing it up which made you roll your eyes at him. He chuckled seeing your reaction.

"[Y/n]-chan! I need your help here!" Yumi (Third year manager) called out as she tried carrying all of the drinks by herself.

"Coming!" You gave Kuroo a little wave, running to your senior to help her carry the bottles.

Hours passed and training was finally over. Kuroo gathered the team to announce important matters. They then started cleaning up.

While everyone was dismantling the net. You and Yumi gathered all of the used towels, and put it in the laundry basket.

"[Y/n]-san. Let's walk home together." You turn to the captain ball, giving him a smile.

"Sure! Let's go." You swing your bag over to your shoulder, looking at Kenma who's already playing his video games.

"Everyone, see you all on Monday!" You exclaimed, back walking as you exited the gym, giving them all a smile and a wave. They all turned to you and did the same.

The walk home was silent, except that you could hear the background music and effects from Kenma's video game as he played. You were on your phone, surfing the net, watching videos of little babies.

"Say Kenma, [Y/n]. Want some popsicle? I'll treat yah. ONLY IF you want some." You avert your attention to the bedhead, blinking for a few times before turning back to your phone, smiling when you saw a baby smiling.

"I don't." Kenma nonchalantly replied, eyes glued on the screen as he tried to defeat the boss. "I don't like sweets, especially when they're cold." You chuckle at his comment, looking at Kuroo whose face had an indescribable look.

"I'll have a strawberry popsicle." You smiled at him, and he returned the gesture. You avert your eyes back to your phone, seeing a cute kittens compilation video.

"OK, let's go to 8 eleven~"

The three of you made a stop at 8 Eleven. Kuroo went inside alone while you and Kenma were glued on to your gadgets, not caring about your surroundings.

Kenma was still trying to defeat the boss, and you were still on your phone watching countless nonsense videos. Nonsense but you enjoyed them nonetheless.

"[Y/n]-, here you go, strawberry popsicle just like you asked." Kuroo called you to get your attention, putting up the popsicle right in front of your face. You smiled at him, mouthing him a thank you, taking it from him. You swiftly opened the plastic, throwing it to the bin by the door.

The three of you then walked home. You ate your popsicle and so did Kuroo, Kenma was on his phone playing video games; no one was talking. You reached the intersection, the left road leading to the train station, and the right leading to where your house is

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