Getting Use to The Change Part 35

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Knox, as usual, said to me quietly that it was a good thing. The kids couldn't hear us when we were snuggling up with each other of a night now, so we can moan and groan as much as we like.

Well! Didn't that go down well? Not.

Knox and I were just getting into it moaning and groaning and Knox was about to 'nail me' as he calls it when a little voice interrupted us.

"Do you think we should kiss their boo boo's Alli?" Little kevin said to his sister who was standing with her brother beside the bed watching us.

The moment he spoke, Knox threw himself off me and over to the other side of the bed and because he moved so suddenly, he kept going and dissappeared over the side of the bed, leaving me scrambling for a blanket to cover myself with.

"Shit." I heard Knox mumbling to himself as I looked over the side of the bed to see him flat on his back with his arm acrosshis face while holding a corner of the sheet across his nether region, hiding it from the kids who had jumped onto the bed and crawled across it to join me in looking down at their father.

I was trying so hard not to laugh at this new situation we found ourselves in.

Then Knox moved his arm and glared up at the kids.

"What are you doing out of bed?" He asked them with a little growl that i know won't scare them any.

We couldn't sleep none. We wanted to come in here with you's." Alli said with a sad look at her father.

I pulled the kids back while Knox scrambled for some pants as well as his prosthetic leg and once he was ready, he stood up to stand at the side of the bed with his hands on his hips and looked down at the kids with a frown on his face.

I was still trying not to laugh much.

"I think maybe a hot chocolate drink is in order." he said as he motioned the kids to follow him out of the room.

The quickly scrambled after their daddy and as they left the room, he turned to look at me before shutting the door and gave me a wink.

A few moments later we were all sitting around the lounge room having hot chocloate. That included all the other kids too who were finding it odd to be in such a big house.

But we all got use to it and Knox and I did manage to have a few good times together. But we made sure to keep the noise levels down just in case.

We must have been living here now for about six weeks or so when the kids were at school, except Kevin and Alli and they were out the back with Knox when I saw a car pull up out the front.

So wiping my hands on a cloth, I walked to the front door and looked out to see someone I hadn't seen in years.

Pushing open the door in a rush, I threw the cloth down over one of the chairs placed out the front and ran down the few steps and across to the little gate that lead out to the drive where I ran towards the man who had swiftly turned when he heard me coming.

I took a couple of long running steps before launching myself into his opened arms.

"Perseus. How good to see you." I squealed out as he swung me around before putting me down on my feet.

"How have you been? It's been years since I saw you. Not good remembering that moment though." I said the last bit in a rush while still smiling at him.

"I'm doing good kid. You, are a hard lady to find you know." he said back to me with a smile.

A movement behind him caught my attention and I stilled for a moment when another woamn climbed out of the passenger side of the car.

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