Getting Use to The Change Part 35

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30th September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Neena's POV...

Lesley told us that the hidden passageway was for a quick exit if needed or if needing a quick place to get out of the storm, the tunnel leads to the basement slash cellar for protection.

The tunnel and the cellar were not below the house and were given the most protection in the event of a tornado and were very secure if needed. The basement itself wasn't as safe if the house went. But the other hidden door in the cellar itself had a connection to the tunnel as well.

That was one I missed and Lesley was surprised that I actually found the tunnel door when nearly everyone else don't.

I guess I notice things like that since I mostly grew up in caves with hidden caverns in the back of them.

But back up in the house there was an intercom and security system that connected all the rooms to the master suite so the parents can keep touch with the kids down the other end of the house. Hearing anyone coming in or out will let us know with a ping or two of an alarm.

I didn't feel comfortable with the two little ones down the other end of the house, so we moved their new beds down the one connected to ours and moved the double bed up to what is now a spare room.

The kids love the place and they adore Lesley too.

They catch hold of her hand and tell her all about the chooks that we will be getting. When they're not doing that, they are feeling her baby bump.

She is such a lovely young lady and everyone agrees with me.

There was the time just after we moved in when the Boothes came for a quick visit. They owned the bakery down town and make all of their owncakes and slices which really go like hotcakes. Especially with the school kids on their way home, mine included.

But I have to say that the look on Knox's face was an epic one the first time we saw Lesley eat one of Mrs Boothe's cakes.

His face went bright red with the moaning and groaning Lesley was making with each mouthful. She was really enjoying that chocolate and raspberry slice and we all knew it.

The moment she finished it and then finally noticed that we were all watching her, her own face went bright red with embarrassment when she realised what she did. But she just shrugged her shoulders and went to pick up another slice, but Mrs Boothe quickly moved them away from her.

Knox was still watching her not too sure of what to make of it I was thinking.

Anyway, Knox and I talked about it and we decided to renovate the van and rent it out while it was in the trailer park. So at the moment, we have Lesley's builder doing the work and we already have someone waiting to move into it.

The Smiths.

They always did like how we had it set out and they knew it would be comfortable since we had all been living it it. So they offered to rent it even as it was. But we wanted it renovated before they went into it.

It was the least we could do since they have been such a great help to both Knox and myself over the years.

So settling in to the new house took a little bit of adjusting, and the hardest thing I found for myself to cope with was the breathing.

In the van I would be able to hear all the kids breathing no matter where they were in the place. Especially of a night when they were sleeping. But now I won't be able to do that and it really unsettled me.

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