The Power of Love

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I sat in the little café waiting to meet the man who brought me out here. I was sitting in a little booth in the back that faced the entrance. Waiters walked back and forth getting orders from customers. For such a small café there was a lot of people, I wonder why he would want to meet in such a crowded place? I had so many questions and I needed answers, and I needed them soon.

Four days ago when I was doing my usual chores at the inn, the owner and my good friend Eliza brought me a letter. I looked at her and then back to the letter not understanding what was going on. I was familiar with very few people, only Eliza and her husband Joshua, and a few of the regulars here at the inn. She said someone on a horse brought it over and said it was to be given to me immediately. I took the envelope from her hands and slowly unfolded the letter inside. I read silently while Eliza looked at it over my shoulder.

Dear Ava Bell,

Hello my dear, my name is Gordo Clemmings. You do not know me but I was once very close to your parents, and was very upset when I heard of their death that occurred ten years ago. I am sorry that I am reaching out to you so long after their passing, but I never had a good opportunity to invite you over to Shamil. But now I am in dire need of your assistants, for you are in grave danger.

As you know, your parents died because they went against the authority of Zvida and his men. When he finally lost his status, he went in hiding and no one heard of him, until now that is. I have good reasons to believe he is forming an army of Devadils to gain control once again. And so the Spricus must form once more and gain new members to replace those who have lost their lives since his last uprising.

I am aware of the "abilities" you posses, for I have them too. There are others that I have called here too, so you will meet them all soon. I will explain everything thoroughly later, and I will leave you to decide whether you wish to fight with us or not, but I insist you come to our meeting before coming to a conclusion. I need you to arrive at Shamil by the 21st of July. I will meet you at the Café de Lorenzo by sundown. I realize that this is very short notice for such a long journey, but I know you will find a way to be here on time.

I eagerly wait until our meeting.

Yours sincerely,


After reading the letter a few times, I ran to my room and grabbed what little belongings I had and put it all in a knap sack. I said my farewells to Joshua and Eliza, thanking them for their kindness and promising to write to them often.

And so here I sat at the Café de Lorenzo, exhausted and covered in dirt from my long journey, waiting for sundown to meet this Gordo man. I would occasionally sip my tea while glancing at the door every time someone walked in. I was so nervous and full of questions that I had to force myself from jumping out of my chair every time someone walked in. I took in a deep breath and tried to calm my nerves. I closed my eyes and felt the auras of everyone in the café. I automatically relaxed and slumped my shoulders as I listened to the hum of conversation coming from the room. I began to ignore when someone would walk in, I knew I would sense it when it was Gordo who walked through the door.

I sat there for what felt like thirty minutes when I felt a jolt throughout my body. He was here, and there was someone else along with him, I was sure of it.

I could always sense when someone with "abilities" was around, especially since my body would begin absorbing their power. It was a very odd power to possess, and I have yet to meet a person who has one like mine. It was a weird feeling though, one minute I'm just sitting there and the next thing you know I feel chaos going on in my body. My body absorbs their power and makes it my own, sort of like a copy cat.