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LOIS LILY MILLS hated the idea that she was normal. She was average. She lived in a small house with perfectly trimmed bushes and a perfect little family and she hated every minute of it. She wanted a life full of adventure and abnormal things. Peculiar things.

Lois's grandmother says that she got the attribute of adventure from her mother. Her mother had passed years back but she remember her. She knew that her father loved the woman very much, and Lois did miss her. But then her perfectly normal stepmother stepped in and her father lost the adventure her mother gave him. But Lois kept it. It was part of her.

Just as the water was. She lived far inland and no lakes were near her. But one time, when she was almost 12, they took a vacation to a lake and Lois discovered something that could only be described as peculiar. She had wandered off from her family and stepmother and sat in the water near a secluded part of the lake. She waded in and submerged herself. The water was so clear, she opened her eyes, and before she could think, gasped and inhaled water. Instead of drowning or coughing, she breathed the water.

She swam to the surface after a little while, taking in the fact she was part fish. Well, basically. She felt a small hum in her ears as she stepped into water. Earlier, she had been so consumed in anger towards her awful stepmother, she hadn't realized.

Lois closed her eyes and concentrated on the serene feeling she had from breathing under water. She opened her eyes and jumped when she saw a wall of water stood around her, but as soon as she lost concentration, the water around Lois fell. She spent a little while trying to do the trick with the water and diving under to explore, before she heard her father calling her and ran back in the direction of the voice.


Lois firmly decided that she would have to keep this a secret from her family. Her father was getting very ill and putting this on him wouldn't help his mental health. So Lois kept quiet and secretly did tricks with water. She spent lots of days locking herself in room with glasses of water and time to fill.

Her father got progressively more ill and meanwhile, 13-year-old Lois was saving all the money she could get. She learned her way around the town. The safe parts and the rough areas were soon ingrained in her brain. She pick pocketed, even though she wasn't proud of it. Her step mother started drinking. She brought in less and less money. So Lois stole. She didn't like it. Her plan was to look for more people like her. More people with an ability like hers. Is she alone, or are more out there like she is?

She held on to the hope that once her father was gone, she would find someone to love.

This cycle continued. Find money, practice skills in secret, visit father in hospital, survive through her stepmother yelling at her, saying that everything was her fault. She knew it would be worth it eventually. She tried to believe it.


It was like any other day. Lois woke up normally, she brushed her teeth and ate breakfast as normal. She didn't know it would be the day she lost the one person she truly cared about.

Her stepmother got a phone call and the woman slammed the phone to the wall and cried. And Lois ran. She ran until she was at the hospital and cried, horrified at the voices of the nurses who emptily said "I'm sorry." Like they were sorry. Like they hadn't said it numerous times before. She decided then that she would stay for her father's funeral, but after that, she would leave.

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