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The Olympic games had come to a close, and the streets of Olympus were alive with sound. Vendors stood beneath white tented domes, hocking their wares in every square, and the scent of summer fruit tainted the air with sweetness. Lexi felt compelled to visit a vendor and purchase a few melons for Fiona. During her conversation with the goddess, whose name was Breanna, Lexi learned she was the granddaughter of Persephone. Apparently, Breanna's son, Del, had been injured while participating in a chariot race, and Lexi promised to pay Del a visit at the palace infirmary. At her offer, Breanna pledged to repay Lexi in whatever manner she chose.

Breanna's words rang in Lexi's head as she continued her trek to the palace. Lexi never expected compensation for performing her godly duties. She certainly didn't expect gold. Did the other gods get kickbacks for using their unique talents? Lexi could never see Heracles asking another god to mow his lawn in exchange for carrying a bed up the stairs.

At the palace, Lexi dropped her internal chatter, and after handing the melons to a palace nymph for safe keeping, she visited the infirmary. Del was a handsome, pale-skinned god, with eyes that had probably broken a few goddess's hearts. Although she and Del had never met, he greeted her with a welcoming smile.

"Lady Lexi! I cannot believe I am finally meeting you," he said, straining to sit upright. "Persephone talks of your altruism and kindness. She assured me I would not have to wait long before you would come to Olympus and heal me."

A blush warmed Lexi's face as she sat next to his bed. "I am sure the caretakers have done a fine job with you."

"They have kept me comfortable with medication, but they cannot heal my wounds with a single touch like you can. Jules swears you are part angel."

Lexi chuckled at the thought of Jules' infatuation with her. "Jules tends to exaggerate. How did you injure your leg? Your mother said it was in a chariot race."

A frown took over his face as he glanced down at the bandages around his calf. "Yes. I was in the lead and my horse got spooked by something. Zeus was right behind me when I got ejected by my chariot, and he was able to avoid smashing my head, but the wheel of his chariot tore through my leg."

Lexi cringed as she imagined the terrifying scene. "Well, it's a good thing Zeus had the presence of mind to react quickly. I'm sorry about your leg... and the race."

"I trained every day for two years to earn the privilege to race Zeus in the Olympic games, and I blew it."

"It sounds like your horse blew it. You were in front of Zeus. That is quite a feat, from what I hear."

He nodded and a small smile found his face. "I was in the lead for nearly one turn of the lap, so I did enjoy a few moments of glory."

Lexi spent the next few minutes with Del, mending his leg and answering questions about the underworld, which seemed to interest him. During her visit, Lexi attracted the attention off two caretakers, who observed her healing practices with wide-eyed interest. It was then that Lexi remembered her own health concerns, and she scheduled a prenatal visit with Hera. By the time she left the infirmary, she had gained three new friends.

The Olympic after party was in full swing when Lexi reached the grand ballroom. It wasn't the first party she had been coerced into at the palace, but she still missed the presence of Hades' arm and the sound of his voice, and she imagined him describing the havoc he and his brothers caused in that very room. The incident involving Hades setting the curtains on fire and blaming it on Zeus was one of her favorites. Lexi knew it would do no good to complain about her absence of a date, so she redirected her focus to her role for the evening; helping out a friend.

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