Chapter 3

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I woke up to sunlight streeming in through a window. I opened my eyes and saw that i was in a room. I sat up and looked around the room. I was sitting on a four poster bed with dark red sheets. I looked around the rest of the rooms and I saw there was a dresser across the room with two doors on eaither side. In the other corrner of the room and I saw there was a t.v and couch. And in the very corrner of the room I saw crystal blue eyes starring at me.

I jumped up from the bed and grabbed a book off the bedside table.  Azreal stood up from his place in the corrner. He was beutiful his intire being pulsed power. The way he stood with perfect posture and chin held high. He belived he was greater then everyone and that he was above them. His body language showed that.

"And what exactly are you planning on doing with that book?" He asked as he slowely walked around the couch towards me.

"Get away from me you monster." I said growling at him as I backed up away from him.

"Aw thats not a nice way to talk to your mate." He said.

I kept backing away until I hit my back against the wall. I looked around trying to find a way out of the room. But a second later I was completly pinned against the wall. Azreals large frame holding me between him and the wall. His large body completley covered mine. He leaned down and rested his head on my neck taking in a deep breath.

"Mhmm." Azreal said as he breathed in my sent.  He leaned up to my ear and placed his lips against my ear.

"You might hate me now but how long can you stay like that when I do this." He said as he leaned down and kissed my neck running his lips over my skin.

I wanted nothing more then to lean into him but I couldn't. I shoved him off me. Caught by surprise he fell back on the bed. I jumped up and backed away from him.

"Stay away from me." I growled to him.

He looked hurt for a moment but it passed quickly. He smirked at me and stood from the bed.

"I will leave you for now. But I would get comfortable if I were you. You will not be going anywhere anytime soon." And with that he turned away from me and made his way to the door.

He looked back at me once and then walked out closing the door behind himself. I stayed where I was for a moment trying to calm my racing heart. I tried to link to my pack but the bond was broken. I had to get out of here. I need to get back to my pack.

I walked over to the door and tried the handle it was locked. I groaned and looked around the room. I went over to the window. It unlocked I pushed it open and looked out. It seemed clear till I looked down. There were two guards directly below the window. They looked up at me and nodded.

I growled and slammed the window. I checked the window in the bathroom and there were guards below it as well. There was only one door left to try. I opened it to Azreal's closet. The walls were lined with clothes but I didn't pay any attention to them. There was a small window at the back of the closet. It would be a right fit but I should be able to squeeze through.

I walked over and opened it I looked down to see that the roof was directly under it and there were no guards in view. I lifted myself up and shimmed my way out the window. I slid feet first onto the roof. I tried to be as silent as possible to avoid any unwanted attention.

Slowly I crept my way across the roof. I slid down to a lower level. Damn this house is huge. I thought it myself as I looked over the roof. I was close to the woods so I would have better cover. I looked around and saw no one. I sat down and looked over the edge. It wasn't a far drop but there were a few window ledges below me. I turned and slid my legs over the edge.

My toes landed on the window ledge. I let go and was crouched on the ledge. I looked down and saw there was another one below. So I hung my body over the edge again. I slid down this time my feet didn't quite reach the ledge. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I took another deep breath and as I exhaled I let go.

I landed with a thump on the ledge. I looked down I was only a few feet off the ground. I jumped off and landed with a roll onto the ground.

I sprang up and sprinted towards the woods. I was almost to the tree line when I felt the hairs on the back of my neck prick up. And a second later arms banded around me. I thrashed out at the arms around me trying to get out of there impossible grip. They only tightened until I couldn't move.

"Going somewhere?" A deep voice asked into my ear.

I growled deep in my chest as I was turned around to look at Azreal. I looked into his blue eyes. They were so hard his whole demeanor was. He was dark there was no light in him I could see.
He looked me over and then turned away from me. Not even giving me a second glance.

"Malik you will be her personal guard. You will be her shadow do not let her out of your sight."
He growled to a man standing a few paces away.

And without a glance back he walked away back to the house.

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