"And that is all! Can you believe it? Sisters- twins! Going up against one another! This is going to be great! Remember, if you got picked, you might want to start packing. Plane will be there in 2 hours, and so make friends! Hasta luego everybody!"  President Isabel finished up her speech, and left the stage.

Tme seemed to freeze for a few minutes, nobody moving, we were all just staring at the blank TV.

Lorelei turned to me, and uttered a few words.

"Guess this is it, huh?"

I wasn't sure what she meant at first, but then I realized she was talking about us leaving.

"There is still a chance we can go home alive, Lorelei. Don't lower your hopes, we can get through this." I answered her, in monotone.

"Really, Avee? We can? Last time I checked only ONE makes it out alive. That means you, me, or neither of us."

"What if we both make it out?"

"No 2 people have ever made it out, Avee. It's always one."

"Well 2 people have never been identical twin sisters."

"We. Can't. Do. It. No-can-do, impossible."

"Nothing is impossible if you try."

"Ok. We will try. And we will both end up dead."

"We don't even know what's going to happen. Did you forget they train us?"

"Training will not help. Nothing will help."

"If you want to think that way, fine."

We both stormed up to our rooms. I sat down on my bed, and thought. What would I need? LOD always changes, and so  will never know what the weather is like. Lorelei always packs for me, then Mom goes through our stuff and changes stuff she doesn't aprove of or doesn't like.

Mom... I had forgotten all about her.

I sprinted out my door, and down the staircase. Lorelei must of had the same idea, because she was right behind me.

"Mom, it's alright." I shouted, spotting her sitting on the couch with her head in her hands.

"No, no it's not. It is NOT alright! My 2 daughters are both going of to die in LOD! It is NOT alright!"

"Mom, shh, calm down Mommy. It will be alright, everything will be okay. We will come back, we promise." Lorelei promised her.

"Would you like to come help us pick out our clothes we will take with us?" I asked.

"Yeah!" Her face lit up like a little girl's and I swear, I thought she WAS a little girl at that moment.

Since Lorelei and I have most of the same clothes, just different colors, it wasn't hard to pick out our clothes. We all went to my closet, and pulled out a variety of items, then went to Lorelei's and pulled out the same clothes.

For me, we ended up pulling

-whiteNike shorts

-comfy pair of jeans

- black Adidas winter pants

- navy winter jacket

-pink tank top

-loose Rolling Stones T-short

-blue and white polka dot fancy shirt

-underwear, bras, socks, etc.

- orange Nike running shoes


We got the same for my sis, except the colors were different. I also brought along a bunch of different hair bands, hair ties, hair pins, a camera, and sunglasses, and Lorelei brought a lot of make up stuff. We both stayed in our outfits we had put on earlier, and we were soon packed up ready to go.  Some of the fancy stuff was for dinners before LOD, and exercise stuff is for before, when we train, and after, when we are actually IN LOD.

We dragged our luggage to the my Mom's Chevy, and we all piled in.

We weren't ready to say our goodbyes left.


When we got to the airport there was already a plane there and ready for us.

We got out, and I turned to my Mom.

"We will get out alive. I promise. It will be alright, and remember, we will be here. Sponsor us. I- I love you, Mom." I told her, and gave her one huge hug.

Lorelei said the same thing, and told her to wait. My Mom has this problem with going overboard, and if she doesn't have anyone left, she will probably commit suicide.

I shudder, not even wanting to think about it. Lorelei meets my glance and nods, understanding what I'm feeling.

"Bye, Mom."

We turn around, and walk to the plane. We get on, and wave to Mom one last time.


Sorry for it being a bit short. Hope you like it!!!








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