Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Chapter One - That Time When Ella Arrived in Tokyo

8:49 p.m.

"Where is that idiot?" Ella wondered impatiently. For one hour, one freakin' hour, she was sitting in an armchair at Tokyo's airport, waiting for her stupid brother to turn up.

Resting her chin on her hand, with legs crossed, Ella scanned the place once again looking for that asshole. That asshole who was one hour late.

Grumbling, she looked at her watch again.

8:53 p.m.

Four minutes. It had passed just 4 MINUTES... "Enough!" She thought.

"I'll kill that jackass." Ella murmured, getting up from the chair and stretching. After all this time, she had finally given up.

Ella picked up her suitcase from under the chair and walked towards the airport's exit. She was soooo screwed. Without a car and not knowing how to speak Japanese. Awesome! Taking a pocket version dictionary, she searched for the word 'taxi'.

"Takushii!" She said out loud when she found the word.

When the car stopped, the driver got out and helped her put the suitcase in the trunk. Still grumbling – because her stupid brother was late and because the stupid shove she received from the automatic cab door was hurting – Ella got into the car and thanked the driver in poor Japanese.

When the car began to move, Ella finally understood why her brother liked this city so much. It was wonderful!

When she arrived at her destination, Ella paid the taxi driver, picked up the suitcase and, holding it with both hands in front of her body, she rang the bell of the house.

"Ella?" A man's voice said with surprised, "What are you doing here?"

"Hello, Major Boswell. Is Sean here?"

"Sean doesn't live here anymore, Ella."

"What?" She asked confused. Ella was sure Sean was living there; believe her, she had called her mother to know the whereabouts of the half-brother. And God knows she would never call her mother if it wasn't necessary, "Stella told me that he'd be here."

"Well..." Major Boswell said awkwardly, "Stella doesn't know that he lives alone now."

"But he's only 18!" Ella exclaimed.

"It's not like I had allowed."

"Yeah, I know." Ella said, "Anyway, do you know where he's living now?"

"Sure, but you're not going to find him in his home." Major Boswell shrugged.

"Why?" She asked confused.

"It's race night." Ella grimaced.

"Of course it is." She said sarcastically.


"Hey, do you speak English?" Ella asked a guy that was standing in front of the parking lot, controlling who come in and who come out.

"Yeah. May I help you?" He asked mockingly.

"Do you know if a boy named Sean Boswell is in there?"


"That's him." She confirmed impatiently.

"Why are you looking for him?" The guy asked flirting.

"When it becomes your fucking business then I'll tell you." Ella said irritably.

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