Everyone Just Hates Me

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A - Yay, I'm happy because I don't have to pretend anymore!

Me - Wonder how Hunter's reacting - We bursted out laughing.

A - Yeah, lol. 

Me - I gotta go, my flight's about to be called! See ya in AZ boyy.

A - Bye!


~ Skip to in Phoenix

As I came out of the terminal, I saw Ashton's face light up. "BUBBA!" He yelled as I ran a bit closer then dropped my bags and hug him tightly. "I missed you," I smiled widely. "Someone wants to see you" he said taking my hand as my free hand carried my luggage. "Mumma!" I yell, as I ran to her, dropped my things again and hugged her tightly. "Baby cakes," she said smothering me with kisses all over my forehead and cheek. She then pulled out of the hug, moved out of the way and there stood Hunter. I stood there, with a blank face. "Right, let's go!" She shouted happily as we all piled into our black car. "How was Magcon?" Mum asked, still got her full concentration on the road. "Good," I smile. "I pulled out because Cameron got mad, I'll tell you later" I said. "Probably because you're being a snobby bitch," Hunter said looking at me by turning around facing me. "Hunter, don't say that! Oh my god..." Mum said, smacking up the back of his head. "Ow Mummm" I snicker a little, as he put down the mirror, and gave me a glare. Brandon yanked my hair back, I slapped him. "Ow, Mum Kaia hit me." Mum said, "Kaia did you?" I sigh, "he pulled my hair so it was self defence?" I say. "See? She gets let off, and us we get punished!" Brandon shouted, I intervened. "Maybe you should stop TRYING TO HURT ME" I yell in his face. I roll my eyes, as we pulled up at home. I walked up to where my room was. Still there, same as I left it. I plopped on my bed, and went on my phone. 

To - Cam ;/

I resigned by the way. 

From - Cam ;/ 

Yeah, I could tell.

I left it on read. I closed my door, and began to change until Hunter barged in. "HUNTER ARE YOU FOR REAL" I shout as I run and close my door. I yelled from in my room, "ever heard of knocking? Use it next time!" I changed into sweatpants and a loose crop top. My hair was in a bun as I put on socks and went downstairs. "Hi sweet, we're having pizza for dinner is that okay?" Mum said and innocently smiled. "Yeah" I said a bit plainly. "What's up?" She said taking my hand and sort of holding it across the island bench for a bit. "Argh, Cameron hates me, everyone hates me apart from you and Ash because I'm a 'Rowland' " I sigh, and palm my face. "It'll be okay in the end" she said. "No, it won't. It never will be!" I cry, and run to my room, and slam my door shut. I just cry and cry. The door opened gently, revealing Ashton. He shut the door and ran over to me then snuggled under my arm. "What's wrong sis?" he asks, as I let one more tear slid from the once overflowed bathtub in the back of my eyes. "Everyone hates me, except for you and Mumma. I had to quit Magcon because of it," I cry as I fall asleep. 

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