16 • why are you here?

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Chapter Sixteen

"We arrived on the same time."

Joohyuk explained as Ellie poured him and Taeil a drink. He and Taeil both sat across us. The latter kept quiet though, the same with me.

I just find it unusual that Taeil would come here by himself. I mean, he told me before that he was not fond of going to other people's houses, so... what's this?

"Why did you come here? There's nothing special. Wae? Is it your birthday?" Ellie asked Joohyuk.

"Aniyo. I don't have a specific reason, actually. Just wanted to visit you and all." I saw my best friend's face turn red as Joohyuk faced Taeil. "I don't know about this man, though. I was surprised to see him standing beside me, ready to push the doorbell too." He then nudged the man beside him.

"U-uhm, I just wanted to know if Winter's fine, that's all. I know she's having a hard time because of Ten's fans."

He looked at me worriedly. Ah, so that's why.

I gave him a smile and said, "Yah. You got me feeling nervous just a while ago! I thought something bad happened. It's very unusual that you come here, Taeil."

I saw him looked away. Something's not really right, I think. "I-I just really want to know how you're doing. I'll be leaving in a while, too."

"You're leaving early? Aigoo. You and Winter are just the same, you know? Both of you are no fun. Psh. Yah, Taeil-ssi. Why don't you stay here and eat dinner with us, oh?"

My eyes grew big hearing Ellie's invitation. I mean, it's 9:30 pm! Second, I thought Ellie Hwang is on a diet right now? Jeez, Elle.

"I-It's late, though! Won't it be a bother to walk yourselves home this dark?"

I looked back and forth between Joohyuk and Taeil. Joohyuk though, have a playful smirk plastered on his face (which creepily looked like Ellie's) and something tells me that Ellie and he planned this up.

"Hwang, let's talk in private for a minute." I gritted my teeth while saying those words. I held Elle's arm and pulled her on a corner.

"Wae?!" She shouted but in a whispered manner.

"Tell me. Did you two plan this up?" I hissed.

"What? No! I had no idea that both of them would be coming this late."

"Then why did you ask the both of them to eat dinner? I thought you were on a diet?"

"Duh! They're our visitors. We have to be hospitable to them."

I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. Visitors. I just kind of hate that word since... nevermind.

"Do whatever you want, Elle. I'm going upstairs and sleep. I'm tired. Ah! Since you're the one who invited them to dinner, then take care of them yourself."

Before I could even plant a step, Ellie went before me and blocked my way.

"Aish! Why don't you talk to Taeil for a minute? He seemed really worried about you."

"I already talked to him. Besides, he was gonna go home until you stopped him. Psh. Don't make any excuses, Ms. Hwang. You're just gonna make me do the dishes."

I pushed her aside and walked away. I heard her call my name many times but I ignored her.

When I arrived at the living room, I immediately said to both Taeil and Joohyuk, "I'm sorry, but I'll be going upstairs already. I really need a good night's sleep. I'm really sorry to leave you both like this." I bowed at them.

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